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Staffordshire County Council Election


The Staffordshire County Council elections were scheduled to take place on Thursday 7 May 2009. The date subsequently moved to Thursday 4 June following approval by Parliament, who passed the Local Elections (Ordinary Day of Elections in 2009) Order 2008 on 5 November 2008. As a result, the date of local elections in England in 2009 will be the same as the date of the European Parliamentary elections, which were planned to take place on Thursday 4 June 2009.


In South Staffordshire there were 7 Electoral Divisions and 8 seats to be filled, as one electoral area - Cheslyn Hay, Great Wyrley and Essington is represented by 2 County Councillors due to the size of its electorate.


Guidance for registered parties, candidates and agents


  1. The updated local government guidance can be downloaded in PDF format from the Electoral Commission link below.


To view the Electoral Division details for 2009, click on the statistics in the link below.


The last County Council elections took place in 2005, results available here.


To view the combined timetable for the County Council and European Parliamentary Election on 4 June, see under links below.


Campaigning and standing for election


There are specific legal obligations on parties, candidates and others (known as "third parties") who spend money on campaigning activities during the regulated period prior to an election.  For County Council candidates this period starts on Tuesday 28 April 2009.  The Electoral Commission provided guidance and forms for election expenditure.  For further details, phone the Commission on 020 7271 0616 or visit their website - see under external links below.


Nominations closed at 4pm on Thursday 7th May - see Statement of Persons Nominated under links.  There were a total of 30 candidates:


8 Conservative

7 Labour

7 Liberal Democrat


1 Green

2 Independents



European Parliamentary Election


These elections for the European Parliament took place in this country on Thursday 4 June 2009.


To view the latest MEP details following the elections, click here.



Birmingham City Council's Chief Executive was the West Midlands Regional Returning Officer and dealt with the party nominations and announced the result on the Sunday evening. All queries about the candidates and parties and the Regional count should be directed to Regional Returning Officer via Birmingham City Council and they can be contacted on 0121 303 3503 (press queries only).  Electoral general Regional queries to 0121 303 2731 or e-mail


For the Notice of Election, see link below.


Following close of nominations on 7th May there were 12 registered Party Candidates and no Independent Candidates - see Statement of Persons Nominated under links below.


A full list of the 80 polling stations for the combined poll is shown under links below.


Latest Electoral News


Polling Station changes 2009


Please note that due to the unavailability of some polling places electors of the following areas should note changes of polling station for this year:


ACA2 - Bilbrook East

AZA - Essington Sneyd

BMA - Gospel End, Himley

BYA - Burnhill Green, Patshull


Formal consultation on replacement venues has taken place with political stakeholders.  The results of the consultation are shown under links below. To view the Notice of Review, see link below.


To view the list of all Polling Stations for June 2009 Elections, see under links below.


Postal Votes


All postal votes were posted first class from the Council Offices on Thursday 21st May 2009, ahead of schedule.  These have to be completed and returned by voters by 10pm close of poll on 4th June.  They can either be posted back in the reply-paid envelope or brought in to the Council Offices.  Alternately on polling day they can be dropped in to any polling station within the electoral area.


List of County Council Candidates and Polling Stations


A Notice of Poll is published per County Division i.e. one per the 7 County areas being contested.  This Notice lists the candidates, their party and the polling stations for that area.  Click on Notices of Poll under Links below.




All 8 seats were retained by the Conservative Party. The average turnout across the 7 Divisions was 35%.


For full analysis click on the County Council's website - see external link below. A copy of each Declaration of Result is shown under links below.


The percentage turnout for the European Parliamentary Election within South Staffordshire was 37.7%. For a copy of the local result within South Staffordshire click on Local Declaration under links.


For a full breakdown of the verification at the counts so you can see the percentage voting per station, click on Verification Statements under links below.





List of Polling Stations for June 2009 Elections


PDF Document: Notice of Review of Polling Districts and Polling Stations 2009 Elections (46KB)


PDF Document : Polling Station changes 2009 (44KB)


PDF Document: County Council Candidates open day - 12 March 2009 (113KB) 


PDF Document: Local South Staffordshire Result - 10th June 2004 (8KB)


PDF Document: Situation of Polling Stations (159KB) 


PDF Document: County Council Notices of Poll & List of Polling Stations (95KB)


PDF Document: Declaration of Result of Poll - County Council seats in South Staffordshire (49KB)


PDF Document: LRO Local Declaration EU Result in South Staffordshire 2009 (8KB)


PDF Document: Verification Statements per County Division 2009 (38KB)


PDF Document: Verification Statement for European Election 2009 (61KB)



External Link: Staffordshire County Council 




Electoral Services

Telephone: (01902) 696121

Fax: (01902) 696800



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