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Help to keep your home warm


Due to recent changes to the new central Government initiative Energy Compnay Obligation (ECO), some of these offers may become unavailable in March. New offers will be available in April . Please ring our Energy Advice Line 0800 193 1902 for more information and advice.


South Staffs Energy Advice Line call Free 0800 193 1902


Help to insulate your home

When you heat your home nearly half is lost through walls and roofs. Save money on energy bills and improve home comfort by installing loft and cavity wall insulation. Free insulation is available for loft and walls with cavities for homeowners and private renters on certain benefits.


Residents Group, Great Wyrley

‘The Residents Group have helped cut their community’s energy costs by making their homes warmer. The group enabled the residents to take advantage of funding for insulating lofts to 10  inches (270mm) and insulating cavity walls saving each resident £200 on the costs of insulation and around £180 a year on their energy bill’.




Help for repair or replacement boilers

Free repairs or replacement boilers are available for homeowners and private renters on certain benefits.


My neighbours, Great Wyrley

‘My neighbours and their 5 children were saving to get their boiler repaired but it broke completely. Both were unemployed and the dad has a chronic health problem made worse by a lack of heat causing chronic pain and severe depression. I suggested they contact the Energy Advice Line. This resulted in them getting a FREE new boiler with loft and cavity wall insulation which not only “helped keep Dad out of hospital but also made the home warmer for the whole family’.



Help for insulating solid walls

Funding towards External Wall Insulation for Solid Walls and hard to treat cavity walls with a gap of less than 50mm is available for everyone.



Emergency warm homes help

Emergency Warm Homes Help is available through the Council's Decent Homes Grants. Grants are available for some help towards emergency repairs or alterations in the home, including park homes and house boats. This Grant is limited to vulnerable households where other funding can’t be found dependant on monies being available. Emergency heaters are also available. Click here to find out more.






South Staffs Energy Advice Line call FREE 0800 193 1902               


Green home

We are encouraging residents that are on the ceratin benefits listed below, to take advantage of free or discounted wall and loft insulation, together with heating upgrade offers while they are available!



Insulating your home is one of the most effective ways to cut your energy bill. If you are a homeowner or private tenant and are on the qualifying benefits below then you could save up to £175 a year by insulating your home on your annual fuel bills.


These free installs are not directly funded by the Council and you need to contact the company directly to make sure you and your home are eligible. Below is a list of some providers* that we are aware of, with some details of their offers. There maybe other companies offering simular schemes:


South Staffordshire Council in partnership with Marches Energy Agency are aware of the following offers in the district*:



VNR Contracting Services– FREE loft and cavity wall insulation (including top ups for less than 170mm of existing insulation), FREE boiler replacements and boiler repairs maybe available for a householder or their spouse in receipt of one of the following benefits (this criteria is not set by this Council):


  • State pension credit.


  • child tax credit and has a relevant income of £15,860 or less 


  • Income support-related employment and support allowance which must include a work related activity or support component and one of the qualifying components below. 


  • Income based jobseekers allowance and one of the qualifying components below. 


  • Income support and one of the qualifying components below. 


  • Working tax credit (where the consumer’s relevant income is £15,860 or less) and either one of:
    • has parental responsibility for a child who ordinarily resides with that person and who -
      • is under the age of 16 or
      • is 16 or over but under the age of 20 and in full time education (other then higher education)
    • is in receipt of a disabled worker element or serve disability element or
    • is aged 60 years or over.



'qualifying component' means -

  • has parental responsibility for a child who ordinarily resides with that person and who -
    • is under the age of 16 or
    • is 16 or over but under the age of 20 and in full time education (other then higher education)
  • a child tax credit which includes a disability or severe disability element
  • a disabled child premium
  • a disability premium, enhanced disability premium or severe disability premium
  • a pensioner premium, higher pensioner premium or enhanced pensioner premium 


Phone our ‘South Staffordshire Warm Homes' Free insulation advice line on 0800 174 756.


Also discounted insulation for the Able To Pay of £149 each for Cavity Wall Insulation and Loft Insulation.  


There may be an excess meterage cost in some cases.  They also offer a loft clearance service for £40.  This offer is available for all areas in the district of South Staffordshire.

To arrange your FREE Home Insulation Survey call:

South Staffs Energy Advice Line free on 0800 193 1902.  


*This is not an exhaustive list of providers, and the Council recommends that you find one most suitable for your needs. The Council are aware of these opportunities through work with our partners Marches Energy Agency who have procured the offer above. The Council has not vetted the provider and cannot be held responsible or liable for any problems that you may experience with the company you choose to go with.


Other offers include:


EDF - Home energy efficiency improvements are being provided to customers as part of two new government initiatives.

The first is ECO, which has been created to help people keep their homes warm, especially throughout the winter months. This help is provided by installing home improvements, designed to save money on energy bills. And we’re giving some of these improvements away for free to people who meet certain eligibility criteria.

The second is Green Deal, launched earlier this year, which is an alternative way of paying for these energy efficiency improvements. You could borrow all or part of the upfront cost of installing the new improvements and pay for them in instalments through your electricity bills. The amount you pay for these improvements should be no more than the estimated savings you make on your energy bills, as a result of installing them. Call 0800 015 7786 or apply on the EDF Energy website


British Gas - Loft and cavity wall insulation could save you hundreds of pounds each year and if you are on selected benefits British Gas may be able to install this free.

Eligibility is based on: Where you live - some postcode areas are eligible for free insulation  or if someone in your household is in receipt of income related benefits.

It's simple to get free insulation if you qualify, just follow these three simple steps

Call free 0800 086 1486 or apply on the British Gas website to check you can get insulation for your home.

Book your free survey at a time to suit you. After your survey you can then arrange a time for your free installation. This can usually be done within a day and with very little fuss.


Eon - free loft and cavity wall insulation on some income related benefits. Apply on the Eon Energy website or call 0845 301 4927.


These offers may vary. Please contact the provider to clarify the offer that is presently available.




(updated 28 February 2014 AM)



Environmental Services 01902 696000



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