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Planning Enforcement


untidy landThe Council is responsible for making sure development does not take place without the correct permission. If a development has been carried out without necessary permission or not in accordance with the planning permission which has been granted, the Council will normally seek the voluntary co-operation of those responsible to resolve the issue.
If negotiation fails, the Council can issue an enforcement notice to stop work on the unauthorised development or to secure compliance with the conditions of the planning permission. Failure to comply with an enforcement notice is an offence and the person can be prosecuted and may be subject to a fine.
An appeal can be made against an enforcement notice. When this happens, the notice does not come into force until the appeal is decided. However, in some circumstances, the Council can follow an enforcement notice with a stop notice, which requires that the building work or use is stopped very quickly.
The Council has signed up to the Government's Enforcement Concordat. We have prepared an Enforcement Policy and Procedures document (see link) which you can download. 
For more information or if you would like to report a development that may not have permission, contact one the Council's planning enforcement officers in writing.
What can you complain about?
Planning Enforcement
This leaflet is for anyone who has, or is considering making a complaint to us about a breach of planning legislation, or if someone has complained to the council about you.

It explains the timescales involved, the process, what we can take action on and what you can expect from us.

This leaflet will explain what to do if someone sets up camp on your land without your permission.
It explains the timescales involved, the process, that you can take and what action the Council can take.
This leaflet will explain what to do if you want to put up Adverts or want to report Adverts.




September 2014


Front boundary wall to be lowered at Featherstone property.



The owners of a property in Featherstone were requested to remove or lower a front boundary structure as it was visually intrusive and not in keeping with the other properties on the street. 


The structure, consisting of brick pillars and wooden panels, had a maximum height of 2.36m.  Any boundary structure adjacent to the highway requires planning consent if it is over 1m in height. 


The owners of the property state that they had received bad advice regarding the requirement for planning permission.


The owners of the property appealed the Enforcement Notice served by South Staffordshire Council.  The appeal was dismissed on 16th September 2014 and the wall is to be reduced in height or removed.


If you are unsure whether you require planning permission, further information can be found on the Planning Portal website at:






External Link: Guide to taking part in enforcement appeals proceeding by written representations – England


External Link: Guide to taking part in enforcement appeals proceeding by a hearing– England


External Link: Guide to taking part in enforcement appeals proceeding by an inquiry– England


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