Counter Fraud Zero Tolerance

South Staffordshire Council have a policy of zero tolerance on fraud, corruption and bribery. Find out all you need to know from our Investigation Team.

The Counter Fraud Team takes action to prevent, detect and investigate all types of fraud to safeguard and ensure that public funds are used appropriately. We take steps to recover any losses and where appropriate prosecute those we have evidence to prove have acted fraudulently.

What is fraud?

Fraud is commonly used to describe a wide variety of dishonest behaviour such as deception, forgery, misrepresentation, theft, bribery and corruption etc. Examples of fraudulent behaviour include

  • Offering, giving or accepting an inducement or reward (bribe) that may influence the actions taken by the Council, its members or officers
  • Theft of cash or property belonging to the Council
  • Falsifying accounts or records for personal gain

How can fraud occur?

Fraud occurs when someone tries to benefit from lying, not revealing information or abusing their position.

  • People are involved, alone or in groups
  • Council assets are at risk
  • An intention to commit fraud is present
  • Opportunity to commit fraud is present

Who commits fraud?

The type of services the Council provides carries a potential for fraud to be committed by customers, contractors, employees or Members. Anyone who becomes aware that a fraud may be taking place should report their concerns to the Council immediately and can be confident in the knowledge that it will be taken seriously.

How is fraud identified?

The Council has systems that are carefully designed to minimise the risk of fraud being committed. However the nature of the very many services the Council provides means that a fraud risk will always be present.

Members of the public are important in the Council's fight against fraud. Please report any concerns you may have about possible fraud without to delay.

What is theft?

Theft is defined in the Theft Act (1968) as-

‘ A person shall be guilty of theft if they dishonestly appropriate property belonging to another with the intention of permanently depriving the other of it.'

What is Corruption?

Corruption does not in itself define a specific crime in the United Kingdom; It is an umbrella term used to describe a wide range of unethical behaviour including fraud and bribery.

For more information on South Staffordshire Council's policy in tackling any of the above issues please access the document below.

If you are a Council member or an Officer of South Staffordshire Council and feel you may have been approached inappropriately in connection with any of the above this should also be reported in the first instance.

You should make your report to the Fraud Investigation Team

Direct Telephone 01902 696619 or 696635: Hot Line (24hrs) 01902 696649.

e-mail the team on

Write to / visit South Staffordshire Council Office Wolverhampton Road Codsall WV81PX.


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