Councillor Code of Conduct Public Consultation

The Councillors Code of Conduct (the Code) was adopted by South Staffordshire District Council as required by Section 27 of the Localism Act, 2011 at a meeting of the Council held on 3.12.2019. The Local Government Association (LGA) has established a Model Code of Conduct as a template for councils it was designed to protect our democratic role, encourage good conduct and safeguard the public's trust in local government. The LGA undertakes an annual review of this model Code to ensure it continues to be fit-for-purpose, incorporating advances in technology, social media and changes in legislation. With recent proposed changes to the Model Code of Conduct the Standards and Resources Committee have agreed to undertake public consultation to ensure our code is aligned with proposed changes and whether necessary to adopt the new Model Code of Conduct

The Council has a statutory duty under the Act to promote and maintain high standards of conduct by Members (Councillors) and co-opted members of the Council. This means that the Council expects Councillors to follow this Code when they are conducting the work of the Council, representing the Council on any external organisation, and otherwise acting in their official capacity.

To ensure the maintenance of our standards as a Council we are seeking public consultation for our Code of Conduct to make sure we align our standards with those expected of us by the public and central government.

To express your views and help in the process of creating a fair, inclusive and equal democratic environment please answer the below questions by clicking here. Your responses will help in cultivating a progressive and effective Code of Conduct for South Staffordshire District Council. The deadline for responding is 4th February 2022

How should councillors act towards members of the public/ fellow councillors?

How should Councillors treat important information?

In what ways can a councillor abuse their position?

Is it necessary for Councillors to make it known they are elected officials on their social media accounts?

What is deemed as inappropriate online behaviour?

Social Media is an extension of a person. How should councillors act online?

What information should be available to the public regarding member behaviour?

Any other suggestions.


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