Canvass 2022

Household Canvass 2022 – What will you receive this year?

What is the canvass?
The Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) must conduct an annual canvass to ensure the electoral register is accurate and complete. The annual canvass has been updated by the Cabinet Office with a new set of legal instructions for the ERO to follow.

How will the canvass work?

Step 1: Data matching
• The Electoral Register is sent securely to the Department of Working Pensions (DWP) database to be matched in July. Electors' names and address will be matched against National Insurance details and the information held by the DWP. In addition to this the ERO has the discretion to use local data (e.g. Council Tax records) to perform a matching exercise as well.
• If all the registered people at a property can be matched with either of these databases the property will be sent down Route 1 canvass.
• If there are any people at a property that cannot be matched the property will be sent down Route 2 canvass.
• Care homes/ nursing homes and all other properties that have a responsible person i.e. a duty manager will be sent down Route 3 canvass

Step 2: Routes of communication
Route 1

On the 13th July most Route 1 households will receive an e-mail from Electoral Services asking them to confirm their registration details online. The e-mail will be sent from We ask that residents respond, using the link and security codes provided, by 25th July.

Where we do not hold an e-mail address, or we do not receive a response:

• We will send the property a form which will have the elector details listed on it. If they are correct you do not need to do anything,
• If you would like to add or remove someone from the property, go to the website address and use the security codes on the form to log in and complete that change.
Route 2
• We will send a form to the property through the post which will have elector details listed on it if we are aware of registered electors. A blank form will be sent if the property is empty.
• We need a response from this form even if there are no changes to report.
• If you would like to add or remove someone's name from the property, go to the website address on the form and use the security codes to log in and complete that change.
• If we do not receive a response from the forms we send we will make every attempt to get a response from you, this may be via reminder forms, the telephone or a visit to your property.

It is essential that you respond as soon as possible to avoid further forms being sent to your property.

Route 3
We will make contact with the care home managers or duty managers and send a letter with a list of those registered at the address.

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