Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas. You cannot see, hear, feel or taste it. It comes from the minute amounts of uranium that occur naturally in all rocks and soils. Radon is present in all parts of the UK, although the gas disperses outdoors so levels are generally very low.

We all breathe it in throughout our lives - for most UK residents, radon accounts for half of their total annual radiation dosage.

in certain areas geological conditions can lead to higher than average levels. Some of the highest radon levels have been found in the southwest of the country, but levels well above average have been found in many other parts of the UK. Exposure to particularly high levels of radon may increase the risk of developing lung cancer.

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) advised that indoor radon above an Action Level of 200 becquerels per cubic metre should be reduced. Most homes in the UK have fairly low radon levels, with an average of about 20 becquerels per cubic metre.

In 2007 the HPA and British Geological Survey (BGS) produced detailed mapping in England and Wales of radon potential (ie the estimated percentage of homes in an area above the radon action level. To supplement the detailed maps they have provided the following map to local authorities, providing the maximum percentage estimate found within each 1 kilometre grid square within our District.

For a higher resolution PDF map of a particular coloured grid area click one of the links below:

Radon Map

You can download the Higher resolution PDF maps below:

Radon in Kinver

Radon in Bobbington and Enville

Radon in Fishley

Radon in Himley and Gospel End

It should be emphasised that even though your property may be within one of the kilometre grid squares where the percentage of homes affected is above 1 %, it does not mean that your particular property is affected by excessive radon levels.

If you require more accurate information the HPA and BGS have set up a website http://www.ukradon.org/ where you can purchase a tailored report for your individual property (currently for £3.90 + vat).

Additionally further information about radon is available on the Health Protection England website.


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