Private Hire Vehicles

Private hire vehicles are run by a licensed operator who takes bookings from customers and passes them on to licensed drivers and vehicles. They must always be pre-booked and should never be waived down in the street.

All private hire vehicles must be licensed by the council before they can be used for business. A licence will not be issued until the vehicle has passed the authority's vehicle test.

Identification plates will be issued for the vehicle once it is licensed, which must be displayed at all times (unless a plate exemption has been granted).

Licences are issued subject to compliance with Private Hire Vehicle Licence Conditions.

Applying for a Private Hire Vehicle Licence

To apply for a private hire or hackney carriage vehicle licence, you need to contact the licensing office to arrange an appointment to process your application. You will need to complete an application form.

When attending your appointment, you must bring with you the following:

  • Vehicle Registration document V5C (logbook)
  • current insurance certificate
  • garage test pass certificate
  • application fee
  • SVA Certificate (if applicable)
  • ail Lift Certificate (if applicable)
  • LPG Conversion Certificate (if applicable)

If you forget any of the above items when you attend to make your application, your application will not be accepted and a further appointment will have to be made.

When you attend your appointment you will be given a bracket that must be permanently fixed to the rear of the vehicle.

A vehicle must not be used for Private Hire purposes after testing unless the licence has been obtained.

If you wish to cancel a pre-arranged appointment you must do so at least 48 hours before the scheduled appointment. All private hire vehicles in South Staffordshire must pass the council's vehicle test before a licence will be issued. Depending on the age of the vehicle, it will need to be tested up to three times per year.

Vehicle Testing

Vehicle testing is carried out at the council's nominated garage in Essington, South Staffordshire.

There are two types of test:

The full test lasts about one hour and includes a full MOT, together with an additional check. The additional check ascertains the suitability of the vehicle to be used as a licensed vehicle. The test covers items such as the general condition of the vehicle, possible accident damage and the examination of items such as the fire extinguisher and first aid kit.

The interim vehicle test is carried out following the expiry of a 4 month or 6 month licence (depending on vehicle age). These tests are designed to ensure that vehicles are maintained to a minimum standard and comply with all aspects of the licence. The number of tests depends on the age of the vehicle and the licence applied for.

Public Register

Details of private hire vehicles licensed by South Staffordshire Council are available to view via our public register.



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