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The taboo subject that we all avoid, the least favourite but inevitable ‘F' word – Funeral. There comes a point in life where we can no longer ignore it. Being organised and prepared ahead of our passing can relieve the pressure from our loved ones when the time comes to arrange a funeral.

It's not uncommon for some people to have already made arrangements, but did you know that, whilst many pre-payment plans offered by Funeral Directors include everything from your choice of coffin to the floral tributes, they may not have considered your final place of rest. At each of our two cemeteries we have plots available to pre-purchase whether your preference is burial or cremation.

Arranging a funeral can be expensive and a big part of the cost of the preparations are those associated with your choice of cemetery plot. By planning ahead, we can help you to properly prepare, remove any uncertainty and to provide comfort for both you and your loved ones in knowing that arrangements are made to your exacting wishes. By pre-purchasing your grave plot, you'll know that you'll have futureproofed the cost of your plot at today's prices.

Contact us on 01902 696000 or by email at for more information or to discuss your plans. You can also find out more in our booklet which you can download by clicking on the link below.

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