Retail Discount

Retail discount is a discretionary discount for occupied retail properties with a rateable value of less than £51,000.

For 2019/20, the total amount of discount available is one third of the net amount of business rates chargeable. For 2020/21, the level of discount increases to 50%.

Eligible ratepayers will have the discount automatically added to their account. If you believe your business is entitled to retail discount and it has not been applied to your bill, please email us at

Which Properties will benefit from the relief?

Properties that will benefit from the relief will be occupied hereditaments with a rateable value of less than £51,000, that are wholly or mainly being used as shops, restaurants, cafes and drinking establishments.

South Staffordshire Council follows guidance provided by central government when determining which hereditaments qualify for the relief. This guidance can be found here.

State Aid

State Aid law is the means by which the European Union regulates state funded support to businesses.

The award of this relief is considered likely to amount to state aid. However it will be state aid compliant where it is provided in accordance with the De Minimis Regulations EC 1407/2013. The De Minimis Regulations allow an undertaking to receive up to €200,000 ‘de minimis' aid over a rolling three-year period.

If you are receiving or have received state aid that amounts to the limit, you should not receive pub relief. Please complete the form sent to you or contact us. We will remove the relief from your account and send you a revised bill.

More information about state aid on GOV.UK

We will automatically apply pub relief to those pubs we have identified as being eligible. If you think you should receive pub relief but cannot see this on your bill, please complete and return the form that has been sent to you or contact the Revenues Department either by email: or by telephone 01902 696669

If you would like to register for self-service where you can access information on your Business rates account please follow this link:- self service


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