May elections 2023

On Thursday May 4th, 2023, residents in South Staffordshire will go to the polls to have their say on who represents them at district and parish councils.

We're already making plans to help you stay safe while casting your vote.

From May 4th, 2023, voters in England will need to show photo ID to vote at polling stations in some elections.

This will apply to:

· Local elections

· Police and crime commissioner elections

· UK parliamentary by-elections

· Recall petitions

From October 2023, it will also apply to UK general elections.

Voters at the polling station will need to show just one of the accepted forms of photo ID. If you don't have accepted photo ID, you can apply for a free voter ID document, which is known as a voter authority certificate. The deadline for applications for Voter Authority Certificates will be 5pm, 6 working days ahead of a poll.

Further information about voter ID documents can be found on the Electoral Commission's website.

To apply for a Voter Authority Certificate apply on The requirement to have photographic ID only affects people voting in person at a polling station. It doesn't affect postal voters who have their identification verified by their signatures and date of births. If you own an accepted form of photographic ID you do not need to apply for a Voter Authority Certificate (Voter ID). If your photographic ID document has expired it can still be used, if the photograph is still a good likeness of you.

Find out more by visiting the Electoral Commission's website.

Register to Vote

Postal Vote applications

Proxy Vote Application Form - Asking a trusted person to vote on your behalf

Frequently Asked Questions.



Telephone: 01902 696000


Candidates and agents

Candidates Briefing Session/Documents

The dates for our Candidate and Agent Briefing session are below.

First Candidate and Agent Briefing – Wednesday, February 22nd, 2023, at 5pm in the Council Chamber, Codsall.

This session is a chance for potential candidates and their agents to gather information about the nomination process and how to complete their nomination form.

Second Candidate and Agent Briefing – Thursday, April 6th, at 5pm in the Council Chamber, Codsall.

The second session will outline arrangements for the verification and count.

The election team will be on hand at both sessions to answer any questions.

To reserve a place, please contact us:

Candidates and Agents have until the 26/04/23 to appoint any polling or counting agents.

All district and parish candidate documents can be found below:

Telephone: 01902 696121


Below are the lists of vacant seats for district and parish together with a district map showing vacant seats


Local Government Election Time Table Calculator Timetable of Proceedings for 04/05/2023


Publication of Notice of Election 22/03/2023

Receipt of Nominations 4:00 pm 04/04/2023

Withdrawal of Candidate 4:00 pm 04/04/2023

Appointment of Election Agents 4:00 pm 04/04/2023

Publication of Notice of Election Agents 4:00 pm 04/04/2023

Publication of Statements of Persons Nominated 4:00 pm 05/04/2023

Last Date for Registration 17/04/2023

Receipt of Postal Vote Applications 5:00 pm 18/04/2023

Publication of Notice of Poll 25/04/2023

Receipt of Proxy Vote Applications 5:00 pm 25/04/2023

Last day to apply for Voter Authority Certificate 5:00pm 25/04/2023

Appointment of Poll and Count Agents 26/04/2023

First Day to Issue Replacement Lost Postal Ballot Papers 27/04/2023

Receipt of Emergency Proxy Vote Applications 5:00 pm 04/05/2023

Last Day to Issue Replacement Spoilt or Lost Postal Ballot Papers 5:00 pm 04/05/2023

Day of Poll 7:00 am to 10:00 pm 04/05/2023

Declaration of Candidates Expenses 01/06/2023

Return of Election Expenses 08/06/2023


Verification and Count

The verification and count

Verification will take place the day after the close of poll at St Dominic's Grammar School: Bargate Street, Brewood, South Staffordshire ST19 9BA. The Count will take place on the same day of the verification at St Dominic's Grammar School, and the results will be published on the council's website and shared via Social Media.

A quick guide will be developed closer to the count and made available on this page shortly. The document will support Candidates and Agents through the Verification and Count process:

Postal Vote Opening

We will be opening postal ballot papers in the Council Chamber on the following dates and times:



Thursday 27 April

10:00am to 16:00

Friday 28 April

09:30am to 16:00

Monday 1 May

Back up day in case of high volumes

Tuesday 2 May

09:30am to 16:00

Wednesday 3 May

09:30am to 16:00

Thursday 4 May

Time to be confirmed. finish at Council Chamber, Council Offices

Sessions may have to be cancelled or shortened depending on the number of Postal Votes that need to be opened. We will be sorting the incoming Postal Ballot papers into wards so we are unable to give specific opening times.

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