Benefit Cap

The cap means that if you or your partner does not work*, you will not get more in benefits than the average wage paid to people in work.

The benefit cap applies to households* in receipt of DWP benefits. The weekly amount of the cap is £257.69 for single people and couples without children and £384.62 for families.

If your total income including Housing Benefit is greater than this figure your Housing Benefit will be reduced so your income is below the above amount.

* You are excluded from the cap if someone in your family is in receipt of any of the following;

· Working Tax Credit (WTC)

· Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

· Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

· Attendance Allowance (AA)

· Industrial Injuries Benefits (IIB)

· ESA, if paid with the support component

· Armed Forces Compensation Scheme Payments (AFCS)

· Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP)

· War Pensions Scheme Payments (WPS) (including War Widow's/Widower's pension and War Disablement Pension)

For more information please go to Gov.UK


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