Contract Register

As a public funded organisation, South Staffordshire Council has a duty to the residents it serves to be transparent in its business operations and outcomes.

This page will list relevant contracts and tenders that have or are to be let by the Council. It will show only new contracts as it is necessary to include within the documentation for each one a clause stating that the contents will be publicly disclosed and this will not be done retrospectively. For a list of current Tender opportunities visit our Tenders page.

Publication of this list forms part of the Council's commitment to be open and transparent with its residents.

This data is available free to download or re-use under the terms of the Open Government Licence, the latest guidance on the publication of this information is also available.

Planning & Strategic ServicesEnterprise & GrowthLocal Plan Viability AssessmentDixon Searle Partnership£12,441.17Details
Support ServicesJoint ICT Business ServiceLog Me In Central AccountLog Me In Technologies UK LTD£2,715.00Details
Support ServicesPolicy & PartnershipsElection Processing SoftwareXpress Software Solutions Ltd£12,000.00Details
Chief ExecutiveChief Executive's OfficeReview AdvertisingSpot on Media£6,165.00Details
Environmental ServicesEnterprise & GrowthDemolition and Site ClearanceF M Plant Hire Ltd£0.00Details
Revenues & Customer ServicesRevenues & BenefitsCollection of Council Tax, Non-Domestic Rates and Sundry debt.£0.00Details
Environmental ServicesLeisure/FacilitiesActivity and Fitness CoordinationBrogan Needham£8,450.00Details
Environmental ServicesCodsall Leisure CentreGymnastics CoachingWolverhampton Gymnastics Club£11,071.62Details
Chief ExecutiveCommunity Services South Staffordshire Connect ServiceCommunity Transport£87,771.00Details
Support ServicesJoint ICT Business ServiceProcurement Services Staffordshire County Council£8,000.00Details
Planning & Strategic ServicesEnterprise & GrowthStrategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) for 5 Southern Staffordshire authoritiesJBA Consultancy£58,048.80Details
Support ServicesFinanceP2PE Terminal Management systems Hardware, software and servicesPay 360 by Capita£30,650.00Details
Support ServicesJoint ICT Business ServiceMicrosoft LicensingSoftcat LTD£73,074.03Details
Support ServicesJoint ICT Business ServiceVSAN replacement Insight & NViron Ltd £26,965.00Details
Support ServicesStrategic ServicesTransformation SupportStaffordshire County Council£38,050.00Details
Planning & Strategic ServicesEnterprise & GrowthGood Life Energy Switching ServicesCompare Energy Bills£0.00Details
Planning & Strategic ServicesStrategic Planning TeamWarner Homes Energy Advice Line ServiceMarches Energy Agency£3,242.50Details
Support ServicesCustomer ServicesCheck and Challenge of Customer Insight Metrics and Customer Service PersonalityIESE£50,000.00Details
Support ServicesCommunity Services Footpath ResurfacingJ Moody Ltd£5,587.20Details
Support ServicesCustomer ServicesTo support SSDC GDPR resigning of email subscribersGranicus LLC£8,000.00Details
Support ServicesCommunity Services Grave digging duties at Strawberry Lane and Sytch Lane cemeteriesSimon Link£0.00Details
Planning & Strategic ServicesStrategic Planning TeamEconomic Development Needs Assessment (EDNA)Warwick Economics & Development Ltd£7,262.75Details
Planning & Strategic ServicesStrategic Planning TeamLocal Plan Review - Sustainability AppraisalLepus Consulting Ltd£8,134.56Details
Support ServicesEnvironmental ServicesArchitectural and Landscape ServicesDencoHappel£449.05Details
Support ServicesEnvironmental ServicesLand Charges - Collaboration agreementLichfield DC & South Staffordshire Council£0.00Details
Support ServicesAccountancy & Financial Services2700/15 Estate Management Consultancy ServicesWilks, Head & Eve£1,000.00Details
Support ServicesJoint ICT Business ServiceMobile PhonesEverything Everywhere£6,204.00Details
Support ServicesPolicy & Partnership ServicesLotteryGatherwell Limited£3,000.00Details
Environmental ServicesLeisure ServicesSouth Staffordshire Sustainable Transport DevelopmentJoinedup Consulting£12,000.00Details
Support ServicesJoint ICT Business ServiceProvision of Canon printersCanon UK Ltd£22,302.72Details
Revenues & Customer ServicesCustomer ServicesSiteimprove website monitoring softwareSiteimprove£2,981.24Details
Planning & Strategic ServicesRegeneration & InformationTractivity LicenceTractivity £6,500.00Details
Chief ExecutiveJoint ICT Business ServiceSoftware Licence and maintenanceStratford Upon Avon DC£52,222.04Details
Support ServicesHuman ResourcesOn line appraisalMidland HR/Software Ltd£500.00Details
Support ServicesHuman ResourcesE-LearningStaffordshire County Council£1,236.00Details
Support ServicesHuman ResourcesOccupational Health (Physiotherapy)NJB£5,600.00Details
Support ServicesHuman ResourcesStrategic Training PartnershipStaffordshire Chamber of Commerce & Industry Ltd£33,500.00Details
Revenues & Customer ServicesRevenues & BenefitsCorporate daily printing and postageCritiqom Ltd£73,000.00Details
Revenues & Customer ServicesCustomer ServicesOracle Live ChatOracle£4,324.96Details
Revenues & Customer ServicesCustomer ServicesGovDeliveryGovDelivery£6,279.00Details
Support ServicesJoint ICT Business ServiceNetwork InfrastructureSoftcat Ltd£9,846.77Details
Support ServicesJoint ICT Business ServiceVirtual Environment Hardware (DR)Nviron Ltd£4,857.80Details
Support ServicesJoint ICT Business ServiceVirtual Environment Backup and Replication (Production & DR)Nviron£3,726.08Details
Support ServicesJoint ICT Business ServiceVirtual Environment Licenses (Production & DR)Nviron Ltd£5,057.20Details
Suport ServicesJoint ICT Business ServiceSSL VPN GatewaySecureData Europe LTD£2,180.00Details
Support ServicesJoint ICT Business ServiceDatabase Licensing EnrolmentSoftcat Ltd£18,229.20Details
Support ServicesJoint ICT Business ServiceUTMSoftcat Ltd£5,061.46Details
Support ServicesJoint ICT Business ServiceEnduser Protection Web and Mail and Mobile Device Management.Softcat Ltd£7,733.00Details
Support ServicesJoint ICT Business ServiceMaintenance of VoIP Telephony SystemAzzurri Communications Ltd£29,998.97Details
Environmental ServicesLeisure ServicesGymnastics InstructorNemesis Training - Mark Thomas£2,310.00Details
Environmental ServicesEnvironmental ServicesRepair & Maintenance Contract for GK65DKOScarab Fayat Group£7,500.00Details
Deputy Chief ExecutivePolicy & Partnership ServicesCABSouth Staffordshire CAB£69,000.00Details
Chief ExecutiveCommunity ServicesLouise Colman / Lisa EmbreyLouise Colman / Lisa Embrey£6,700.00Details
Support ServicesAccountancy & Financial ServicesCanon Client Agreement CCS RM1599 Canon UK Ltd£20,778.60Details
Legal and Public Health Protection ServicesLegal & Democratic ServicesAstech Consultants LtdAstech£4,500.00Details
Environmental ServicesLeisure ServicesTrampolining at CHLCAngela Fellows£2,520.00Details
Environmental ServicesLeisure ServicesZumba instruction at LC'sDevine Thomas£1,952.00Details
Environmental ServicesLeisure ServicesExercise Classes at LC'sJoanna Bentley£976.00Details
Environmental ServicesLeisure ServicesFitness Demons KickboxingChris Jones£2,772.00Details
Environmental ServicesLeisure ServicesBadminton coaching at CLCRoger Homfray£1,527.12Details
Environmental ServicesLeisure ServicesExercise ClassesTerry Roberts£976.00Details
Environmental ServicesLeisure ServicesExercise ClassesPaul Johnson£6,957.22Details
Environmental ServicesLeisure ServicesExercise ClassesTom Cash£1,952.00Details
Environmental ServicesEnvironmental ServicesScarab Magnum Repair and Maintenance Agreement Scarab£4,320.00Details
Environmental ServicesEnvironmental ServicesTreatment of Green WasteSimpro Ltd£260,000.00Details
Environmental ServicesEnvironmental & Customer Services12 month total support & maintenance agreementNuway Audio Visual£2,120.00Details
Chief ExecutiveCommunity ServicesForward to HealthLeisure Services£4,000.00Details
Chief ExecutiveCommunity ServicesArts for Health and Healthy MindsCare Plus£2,500.00Details
Enterprise & GrowthEnterprise TeamBureau Van Dijk (Mint UK Licence)Bureau Van Dijk £3,250.00Details
Environmental ServicesBuilding ControlJoint function with Lichfield DC and Tamworth BC with regard to Building ControlLichfield BC & Tamworth BC Joint Partnership£35,000.00Details
Chief ExecutivePolicy and Partnership ServicesCommunity Based Support for the Frail ElderlyAge uk South Staffordshire£30,000.00Details
Environmental ServicesLeisure ServicesA Fully Operated Vending Service Contract Totally Delicious Limited£1,800.00Details
Revenues & Customer ServicesCommercial DevelopmentProvision of Health care services Inspire Healthcare Services£1,840.00Details
Environmental ServicesLeisure ServicesExercise Classes & Gym InstructionAndrew Pritchard£1,987.78Details
Environmental ServicesLeisure ServicesExercise Class InstructorNicola Butler£2,292.00Details
Environmental ServicesLeisure ServicesExercise Class InstructorCaroline Roberts£4,473.00Details
Environmental ServicesCustomer ServicesService AgreementGVS Assist£425.00Details
Environmental ServicesLeisure ServicesExercise classesAnne Jones£9,938.00Details
Environmental ServicesLeisure ServicesDelivery of FTHBen Bate£4,969.44Details
Support ServicesAccountancy & Financial ServicesInsuranceRoyal & Sun Alliance£1,515.00Details
Support ServicesAccountancy & Financial ServicesInsuranceAllianz Engineering£1,008.00Details
Revenues & Customer ServicesRevenues And BenefitsBailiff Services for Council Tax and Business Rates - secondary provider for recycled casesRundles & Co Ltd£0.00Details
Environmental ServicesLeisure ServicesP Taylor Fitness ContractPaul Taylor£12,000.00Details
Environmental ServicesLeisure ServicesILTS ContractSwimming Teacher Association£11,000.00Details
Revenues & Customer ServicesCommercial DevelopmentSolution OverviewExperian Ltd £1,000.00Details
Revenues & Customer ServicesHousing Services Electricity Supply NPower£1,000.00Details
Environmental ServicesFacilitiesHamworthy HeatingHamworthy Heating Limited£899.00Details
Revenues & Customer ServicesCommercial DevelopmentMeter Operator Contract Eon £298.00Details
Revenues & Customer ServicesCommercial DevelopmentMeter Operational Renewal Agreement EON £200.00Details
Revenues & Customer ServicesCommercial DevelopmentSupply of half hourly electricityEon£76,000.00Details
Support ServicesAccountancy & Financial ServicesFinance Lease AgreementJCB Finance Ltd£441,313.13Details
Environmental ServicesLeisure ServicesDelivery of exercise classesHansa Patel£10,500.84Details
Environmental and Customer ServicesLeisure ServicesExercise Classes & FTHAnthony Goodison£4,969.44Details
Environmental ServicesLeisure ServicesDelivery of exercise classesLisa Embrey£1,987.78Details
Environmental and Customer ServicesLeisure ServicesDelivery of exercise classesChris Allcott£2,981.66Details
Chief ExecutiveFacilitiesGenerator MaintenanceW B Power Services Ltd£766.00Details
Environmental and Customer ServicesFacilitiesLegionella Inspection/TestingNant Ltd£875.00Details
Environmental and Customer ServicesFacilitiesSliding entrance Door MaintenanceHorton Automatics£520.00Details
Chief ExecutiveFacilitiesSafety eyebolt testingFirst Testing Ltd£325.00Details
Environmental and Customer ServicesFacilitiesAir Handling Units Annual service AgreementGEA Denco Ltd£427.44Details
Environmental and Customer ServicesFacilitiesEmergency Lighting ServicingChubb£211.00Details
Environmental and Customer ServicesFacilitiesFire Alarm System servicingChubb£838.08Details
Environmental and Customer ServicesFacilitiesFire Extinguishers Annual Servicing (County Contract)Chubb£302.70Details
Environmental and Customer ServicesFacilitiesWater Coolers. Rental inc. maintenanceAngel Springs £825.00Details
Environmental and Customer ServicesFacilitiesFixed plant air conditioning servicingAndrews Air-Conditioning£912.00Details
Legal and Public Health Protection ServicesEnvironmental Health and LicensingTesting Services for Vehicle LicencingBoactive Limited£500.00Details
Environmental and Customer ServicesLeisure ServicesExercise Classes at Leisure CentresDavid Jackson£9,334.08Details
Chief ExecutiveCommunity ServicesWalking ProgrammeLouise Colman£4,500.00Details
Support ServicesICT ServicesGCF(GCSx) connectionVodafone£6,010.04Details
Environmental ServicesLeisure ServicesDelivery of exerciseV Brown£5,963.33Details
Revenues & Customer ServicesCommercial DevelopmentService Maintenance contract - Fire Equip[ment @ WEPPrestige Protec Systems Ltd£2,860.00Details
Revenues & Customer ServicesCommercial Developmentmaintenance of the Fire Protection Sprinkler System at Landywood Enterprise Park Longford Mechanical Services £3,488.00Details
Support ServicesAccountancy & Financial ServicesTreasury Management AdviseCapita Treasury Solutions Limited£9,750.00Details
Environmental and Customer ServicesWaste ManagementProcessing dry recycling materialsBiffa Waste Services Ltd£232,000.00Details
Support ServicesICT ServicesSysnet for Macintosh support Sysnet Support Ltd£1,872.00Details
Environmental ServicesLeisure ServicesExercise Classes at Leisure CentresN O'Grady£3,154.54Details
Environmental and Customer ServicesLeisure ServicesExercise Classes at Leisure CentresC Lochhead£3,975.55Details
Environmental ServicesLeisure ServicesExercise Classes at Leisure CentresY Riveiro£7,951.10Details
Environmental ServicesLeisure ServicesExercise Classes at Leisure CentresS Paine£12,920.54Details
Environmental and Customer ServicesLeisure ServicesExercise classes at CHLC and CLCDawn Robinson£12,144.00Details
Environmental ServicesLeisure ServicesExercise Classes at Cheslyn HayT Jones£4,970.00Details
Environmental and Customer ServicesEngineers & Building ControlPumping Station MaintenanceMossvale Maint & Sealing Services£1,530.00Details
Environmental and Customer ServicesEngineers & Building ControlHire of Tipper/Crane LorryBickford Truck Hire Ltd£17,700.00Details
Office Of The Deputy Chief ExecutivePolicy and Partnership ServicesParliament news Service Annual SubscriptionParliament News Service£2,800.00Details
Revenues & Customer ServicesRevenues And BenefitsCapita Revenues and Benefits SoftwareCapita Software Services Ltd£40,000.00Details
Revenues & Customer ServicesCommercial Development Cleaning of Wombourne Enterprise ParkGreenclean Maintenance Services Ltd£5,700.00Details
Legal and Public Health Protection ServicesEnvironmental Health and LicensingLicensing softwareLalpac - licensing software£13,638.64Details
Environmental and Customer ServicesLeisure ServicesOperation of the Tea Shop at SSRWAllen McDougall£-1,750.00Details
Environmental and Customer ServicesLeisure ServicesOperation of the Tea Shop at Baggeridge Country ParkFreedom Catering£-7,500.00Details
Environmental and Customer ServicesLeisure ServicesHigh Ropes Activities and equipmentCloser to the Edge Ltd£-8,000.00Details
Environmental ServicesLeisure ServicesEquipment and Spinning Bike Maintenance - CHLCPulse£5,204.00Details
Environmental ServicesLeisure ServicesExercise class instructor CLCSue Wynn£6,957.22Details
Environmental ServicesLeisure ServicesNPLQ Trainer CHLCJulie Turner£4,060.00Details
Environmental and Customer ServicesLeisure ServicesGymnastics Coach CHLCDRJ Associates£4,337.50Details
Environmental ServicesLeisure ServicesExercise Class Instructor at PLCTeresa Hallchurch£4,321.30Details
Environmental ServicesLeisure ServicesExercise Class instructor at CHLCK Richards£12,920.54Details
Environmental ServicesLeisure ServicesExercise Class instructor at all centresPaul Sabin£22,859.42Details
Environmental and Customer ServicesLeisure ServicesExercise Classes & FTHAlwin Collins£13,914.43Details
Environmental ServicesLeisure ServicesJoint Use Agreement Wombourne Leisure CentreStaffordshire County Council£115,000.00Details
Environmental ServicesLeisure ServicesJoint Use Agreement Penkridge Leisure CentreStaffordshire County Council£29,300.00Details
Environmental ServicesLeisure ServicesJoint Use Agreement Codsall Leisure CentreStaffordshire County Council£132,300.00Details
Environmental ServicesLeisure ServicesJoint Use Agreement Cheslyn Hay Leisure CentreStaffordshire County Council£111,100.00Details
Environmental ServicesLeisure ServicesDimension leisure centre computer systemXN Leisure Systems Ltd£14,352.25Details
Support ServicesAccountancy & Financial ServicesIncome Management System MaintenancesNorthgate Information Solutions Uk Ltd£4,146.00Details
Support ServicesHuman ResourcesPayroll And HR System MaintenanceMidland Hr / Software Ltd£14,356.00Details
Support ServicesAccountancy & Financial ServicesBacs ServerVersion One Ltd£2,575.00Details
Support ServicesAccountancy & Financial ServicesFinancial System MaintenanceAdvanced Business Solutions£1,790.18Details
Support ServicesAccountancy & Financial ServicesPayment Swipe CardsAllpay Net Limited£15,000.00Details
Support ServicesAccountancy & Financial ServicesCash CollectionG4s Technology Ltd£7,152.00Details
Support ServicesAccountancy & Financial ServicesBanking ServicesBarclays£10,300.00Details
Support ServicesAccountancy & Financial ServicesInsuranceAon Ltd£4,185.00Details
Support ServicesAccountancy & Financial ServicesInsuranceTravelers Insurance£189,070.00Details
Revenues and Customer ServicesRevenues and BenefitsLoCTA tracing facilityMag Net Solutions Ltd£950.00Details
Revenues and Customer ServicesRevenues and BenefitsCitizenview Tracing ServiceExperian Ltd£1,900.00Details
Revenues and Customer ServicesRevenues and BenefitsCollection of Council Tax and National Non Domestic Rates - Main ProviderBristow & Sutor£0.00Details
Revenues and Customer ServicesRevenues and BenefitsElectronic on-line claim and calculatorTeam Netsol Ltd£10,000.00Details
Support ServicesCustomer ServicesACD computer system for Contact CentreNetcall Telecom Limited£0.00Details
Support ServicesICT ServicesServer certificationNviron Ltd£2,590.00Details
Support ServicesICT ServicesBroadband providerStaffordshire County Council£35,160.00Details
Print RoomCustomer ServicesServicing of finishing equipment in print roomTotal Print Finishing Services Ltd£965.00Details
Support ServicesICT ServicesGIS (Uniform / TLC / Enterprise)Idox Information Solutions Ltd£47,126.40Details
Support ServicesICT ServicesGISESRI Uk Ltd£12,419.15Details
Support ServicesICT ServicesDocument management systemCivica Uk Ltd£35,000.00Details
Legal and Public Health ProtectionEnvironmental Health and LicencingKennelling of stray dogsSunnyside Kennels£6,600.00Details
Legal and Public Health ProtectionEnvironmental Health and LicencingCollection of stray dogsNoah's Ark Animal Environmental Services Ltd£8,000.00Details
Legal and Public Health Protection ServicesEnvironmental Health and LicensingAir Quality Station Data ContractEnvitech Europe Ltd£1,400.00Details
Legal and Public Health Protection ServicesEnvironmental Health and LicensingAir Quality Station Maintenance ContractMatt's Monitors Ltd£1,771.71Details
Environmental and Customer Services Waste ManagementWaste collection Biffa Municipal Services Ltd£2,503,000.00Details
Legal and Public Health ProtectionEnvironmental Health And LicencingLone working security systemGuardian 24£3,990.00Details
Environmental and Customer ServicesArchitectural & FacilitiesCatering ContractCatering Academy Ltd£-27,418.62Details
Environmental and Customer ServicesFacilitiesIntruder Alarm Servicing/maintenanceChubb£1,750.00Details
Environmental and Customer ServicesArchitectural & FacilitiesServicing of kitchen catering equipmentSwift Maintenance services£215.00Details
Office Of The Deputy Chief ExecutiveArchitectural & FacilitiesBuilding Energy Management and Associated ControlsDemma£1,320.00Details
Office Of The Deputy Chief ExecutiveArchitectural & FacilitiesPublic Offices Gas SupplyCrown£29,100.00Details
Environmental and Customer ServicesArchitectural & FacilitiesPublic Offices Electricity SupplyE.On Uk Energy Services Ltd£42,446.97Details
Revenue and Customer Services Customer ServicesOut of hours message handling West Mids Ambulance Service£3,500.00Details
Environmental and Customer ServicesEngineering ServicesManufacture of street nameplatesG & G Signs £7,243.00Details
Environmental and Customer ServicesEngineering ServicesCommercial Vehicle MaintenanceMVS Ltd£12,280.00Details
Environmental and Customer ServicesEngineering ServicesStreet Lighting Energy & Maintenance E.on Highways Lighting£35,000.00Details
Support ServicesPolicy & Partnership ServicesConfidential office waste on-site disposalPHS Datashred£1,335.75Details
Environmental and Customer ServicesEmergency PlanningSLA with CCU to deliver emergency planning supportCivil Contingencies Unit£9,611.00Details

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