Local Land Charges

Local land charges search fees as from 1st August, 2010:

The following information relates to the costs of requesting local land charges searches:

LLCI Certificate

Official search (including issue of official certificate of search)

  • (a) in any one part of the register £5.00
  • (b) in the whole of the register £25.00

And in addition, in respect of each parcel of land above one £5.00


One or first parcel of land £90.00

  • Each additional parcel £15.00

Total basic search fee £115.00

Con 29O

Printed enquiry (each) £15.00

  • Limestone report £20.00

Any additional enquiry the Council is willing to answer (a minimum fee of £20.00 should be submitted with the search application - any additional fee to be invoiced later). AT COST

Submitting a Local Search and Payment Options

Land charges services are delivered in partnership with Lichfield District Council.

From April 1st 2017, some of the Local Land Charges search fees will be subject to VAT, but not all, so please take a look at the charging schedule. A VAT receipt will be issued.

Please Note:

  1. Landfill enquiries should be sent direct to the Environment Agency - tel no:(01543) 444141.
  2. Drainage agreements and consents - all enquiries regarding drainage matters should be sent direct to:
    Local Sewerage Undertaker
    Severn Trent Water Limited
    Severn Trent Searches
    O. Box 6187
    NG5 1LE (or DX 723860 Nottingham 43).

    Payment is required in advance - for details of the fee telephone (0115) 962 7269 or email: searches@severntrent.co.uk
  3. Staffordshire County Council advises that a postcode should be provided with every search request. Failure to provide a postcode could delay the processing of your search to the County Council.
  4. Please click here for Land Charges Search Response Times

A plan defining the boundaries of the land to be searched on is required with all searches, without exception.

Personal Search (Search of the Local Land Charges Register only) - Free of Charge

Schedule of register/information for local enquiries search property information

Local Land Charges Cost Statement issued under Section 9 of The Local Authorities (England) (Charges for Property Searches) Regulations, 2008

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