Meetings and Agendas

Saredon Parish Council - Minutes and Agendas

The parish council meets monthly, usually on the first Monday of the month, at Wedges Mills Village Hall. Meetings begin at 7pm and are open to the public. The first session is an open session for parishioners to raise issues relating to the parish. Matters relating to Wedges Mills Village Hall will now be discussed at a separate meeting of the Wedges Mills Village Hall Committee which will follow on from the parish council meeting each month.

The Agenda for the meeting, together with the minutes of the previous meeting, will be published here on the parish council website and agendas will also be placed on the notice boards at Wood Lane, and at Wedges Mills Village Hall.

You do not have to attend the meeting to raise an issue, if you prefer you can email the clerk at

Occasionally, there will be a session at the end of a meeting to discuss confidential matters and the public will be excluded*



WMVH Management Committee

4th Jan 16 Agenda 4th Jan 16 Minutes
1st Feb 16 Agenda 1st Feb 16 Minutes
7th Mar 16 Agenda 7th Mar 16 Minutes
4th Apr 16 Agenda 4th April 16 Minutes
9th May 16 APM Agenda 9th May 16 Minutes
6th June 16 Agenda 6th June 16 Minutes
11th July 16 Agenda 11th July 16 Minutes
August 2016 No Meeting
12th September 16 Agenda 12th Sept 16 Minutes
3rd October 16 Agenda 3rd Oct 16 Minutes
7th November 16 Agenda 7th Nov 16 Minutes
5th December 16 Agenda 5th Dec 16 Minutes
9th January 17 Agenda 9th Jan 17 Minutes
6th February 17 Agenda 6th Feb 17 Minutes
6th March 17 Agenda 6th Mar 17 Minutes
3rd April 17 Agenda 3rd Apr 17 Minutes
10th May 17 Agenda 10th May 17 Minutes
5th June 17 Agenda 5th June 17 Minutes
10th July 17 Agenda 10th July 17 Minutes
11th Sept 17 Agenda 11th Sept 17 Minutes
2nd October 17 Agenda 2nd Oct 17 Minutes
6th November 17 Agenda 6th Nov 17 Minutes
4th December 17 Agenda 4th Dec 17 Minutes
8th January 18 Agenda 8th Jan 18 Minutes
5th February 18 Agenda 5th Feb 18 Minutes
5th March 18 Agenda 5th Mar 18 Minutes
3rd April 18 Agenda 3rd April 18 Minutes
1st May 18 Agenda 1st May 18 Minutes 1st May 18 WMVH Minutes
4th June 18 Agenda 4th June 18 Minutes 4th June 18 WMVH Minutes
11th June 18 Agenda 11th June 18 Minutes
3rd July 18 Agenda 3rd July 18 Minutes 3rd July 18 WMVH Minutes
10th September 18 Agenda 10th Sept 18 Minutes 10th Sept 18 WMVH Minutes
1st October 18 Agenda 1st October 18 Minutes 1st October 18 WMVH Minutes
5th November 18 Agenda 5th Nov 18 Minutes 5th Nov 18 WMVH Minutes
3rd December 18 Agenda 3rd Dec 18 Minutes 3rd Dec 18 WMVH Minutes
7th January 19 Agenda 7th Jan 19 Minutes 7th Jan 19 WMVH Minutes
4th February 19 Agenda 4th Feb 19 Minutes 4th Feb 19 WMVH Minutes
4th March 19 Agenda 4th Mar 19 Minutes 4th Mar 19 WMVH Minutes
1st April 19 Agenda 1st Apr 19 Minutes 1st Apr 19 WMVH Minutes
13th May 19 Agenda 13th May 19 Minutes 13th May 19 WMVH Minutes
3rd June 19 Agenda 3rd June 19 Minutes 3rd June 19 WMVH Minutes
1st July 19 Agenda 1st July 19 Minutes 1st July 19 WMVH Minutes

*CONFIDENTIAL AGENDA - PUBLIC BODIES (ADMISSION TO MEETINGS) ACT 1960 Under Section 1 (2) of the above Act the public are excluded from the meeting on the grounds that publicity would be prejudicial to the public interest by reason of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted.


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