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Organisational information, structures, locations and contacts

Council Constitution
The Council's Constitution consists of a number of documents that, under the Local Government Act 2000, are required to be brought together and made available for public inspection. The articles of the constitution set out the basic principles that underlie the way the council operates. Council Constitution
Budget Book
The Budget Book contains our Medium Term Financial Strategy, details of Council Tax and any precepts and a detailed breakdown of the budget both revenue and capital, including the capital programme.

Medium Term Financial Strategy,

Hard Copies are available for a £10 fee.

Please contact accountancy and financial services on (01902) 696608 Email:

The members allowance scheme and the allowances paid under it to Councillors each year
The total of the allowances and expenses paid to councillors by reference to categories, for example travel, subsistence and accommodation. Council guidelines on the level and claiming of expenses can also be found here. Part 6 of the Council Constitution - Remuneration Scheme
Pay and Grading Structure Pay Policy Statement
Senior Salary Data Senior Salary Data
Funding for partnership arrangements
Details of the funding arrangements for partnerships where the council takes the lead role in the partnership arrangement. Details of the funding provided where the council contributes funding to a partnership arrangement managed by another authority. These are included in the Budget Book
Annual Report
This document details each year how well we have delivered against the commitments we made in the previous year, a user friendly statement of accounts and sets out our commitments for the current year.

Annual Report

Hard copy available on request, please contact Policy and Partnership Services 01902 696242 Email:

Community Strategy
Details the priorities for the district as a whole which will be addressed by the the South Staffordshire Partnership

Community Strategy

Hard copy available on request, please contact Policy and Partnership Services 01902 696242 Email:

Community Safety Partnership Plan
This details the plan for action against the priorities around crime prevention and community safety as identified in the Strategic Assessment. Community Safety Partnership Plan
Customer Charter
The service standards you can expect from us Customer Charter
Planning Policy and Guidance

Planning Policy

Hard Copies available for a fee please contact The Local Plans Team Telephone: (01902) 696317, 696423 or 696418


Strategic Flood Risk Assessment
An assessment of any areas that are liable to flooding Strategic Flood Risk Assessment
The Forward Plan
This lists all the forthcoming major decisions to be considered by the Council in the next three months. Forward Plan
Policies and procedures for delivering our services
Procedures for handling information requests. Freedom of Information Policy
Policies and procedures about the recruitment and employment of staff
Vacancies advertised as part of recruitment policies and details of current vacancies. Our policies relating to our staff covering both the provision of services and the employment of staff for example, equality and diversity and health and safety. Job Vacancies
Customer service
Our standards for providing services to the council's customers, including the complaint procedure. Complaints procedures include those covering requests for information and operating the publication scheme. Customer Services
South Staffordshire DC Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Licensing Scheme
Details of how to apply for a licence to drive a taxi or private hire car. Taxi Licensing
South Staffordshire DC Statement of Licensing Policy Statement of Licensing Policy
Charging regimes and policies
Details of any statutory charging regimes are provided here. Charging policies include charges made for information routinely published for example under Access to Information legislation, and detail what costs are recovered, the basis on which they are made, and how they are calculated. Taxi Licensing fees
Register of councillors' financial and other interests
Register of gifts and hospitality Included within the Council Constitution
Register of submitted and approved planning applications

Public Access Planning Applications

Free to view, charge to copy

Local Land Charges Register

Available to view from Building Control Services.

Please contact Land Charges Enquiries (01902) 696116/696138

Countryside - General Information

Countryside - General Information

Licensing Registers: Licensing Act 2003, Gambling Act 2005, Hackney/Private Hire

Local Authority Air Pollution Prevention and Control

part A2 Permitted Processes (Local Authority-Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control)

part A1 Permitted Processes (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control)

Notification of Cooling Towers Regulations 1992

Radioactive Substances Act 1993

Contaminated Land

Private Water Supplies

Breeding of Dogs Act 1973

Animal Boarding Establishments Act 1963

Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976

Riding Establishments Act 1964


Skin Piercers (acupuncturists,electrolysis,ear piercing and tattooists)

Food Business

Planning Enforcement Registers

Registers are free to inspect, there will be a charge to copy.

The Council holds a number of registers on behalf of the Environment Agency. These are the part A1 Register(IPPC-IPC)< the Radioactive Substances Register, and Waste Management Licensing

These registers are available from the Environment Agency's website

Listed Building Register

Register of buildings in the district that are subject to English Heritage listing for containing features of historical interest.

Available to view free of charge on the following websites:

Historic England

British Listed Buildings

Also available in hard copy from South Staffordshire Council. Copying charge of £5 for first sheet, 50p each sheet thereafter. Please contact 01902 696000

Conservation Area Documents

Documents pertaining to conservation areas

Conservation Area Documents

Available in hard copy. Copying charge of £5 for first sheet, 50p each sheet thereafter.

Please contact 01902 696000

Council Tax Valuation Lists

Available from the VOA website, inspection could be arranged via Local Taxation.

Free to view. Charge to copy.

Non-Domestic Property Rating List

Rateable values of business premises within the district

Available from the VOA website, inspection could be arranged via Local Taxation.

Free to view. Charge to copy.

Tree Preservation Orders

Register of trees protected by Tree Preservation Orders

Please contact the Arboricultural Officer.

Telephone: (01902) 696422


Electoral Register

Copies of the edited version of the Electoral Registration can be purchased from us.

To purchase a copy you will need to write to, or e-mail us. You can get an electronic version or a hard copy.

You can also view copies of the register free of charge by visiting the Council Offices, Codsall. The full register is available to view at the council offices. You can also find edited versions of the register at local libraries and post offices.

Enforcement Policy

Enforcement Policy


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