Claiming Council Tax Support

The Council Tax Support Scheme helps people pay towards their Council Tax bills.

For pensioners claimants:

  • Pensioners are protected under the scheme – up to 100% of the council tax charge will be used in Council Tax Support calculation.

For working age claimants:

  • If you are aged between 18 and 64, the most support you'll be able to get is up to 80% of the total charge.
  • If your property is in Band E, F, G or H then the most you'll be able to claim for is the equivalent of 80% of a Band D property.
  • Child Benefit is included as part of your income.
  • If someone over the age of 18 lives with you and they're not your partner, there will be a non-dependant deduction to pay; £5 per week if they're not working – or £10 per week if they are working.
  • The first £25 of your or your partner's earnings won't be taken into account in the calculation of Council Tax Support.
  • Protected Groups

You will be eligible to receive up to 100% of the Council Tax charge within your Council Tax Support calculation if:

  • You or your partner are entitled to a Severe Disability Premium within your calculation
  • You have a Child under 5 years of age in the household
  • You are a war widow or receiving a war disablement pension

Second Adult Rebate

Second Adult Rebate is only available for pension age claimants, and is another way in which you are able to claim benefit to help with your Council Tax charge. It is not based upon the money you have, but on the money of the second adult within your property.

Therefore you may be able to claim Second Adult Rebate if there are other adults in your home are on a low income or on Income Support.

In order to be classed as a "Second Adult", the other person must be a non-dependant and must not be :

  • Liable to pay Council Tax at the property
  • A joint owner or tenant at the property
  • Your married or unmarried partner
  • Living with more than one person whom is liable for Council Tax .

Council Tax Support Policies

Click to view the South Staffordshire Council Tax Support Policy 2016.17

There is no need to make a full claim to see if you may be entitled - use the Benefits Calculator to see how much help you may get with your rent and Council Tax payments. If you decide to continue and make a claim then complete the on-line claim form which follows on after the calculator.

If you would like help then please contact the Benefits Department on 01902 696668 or visit the Council Offices at Codsall. If you wish someone to visit you in your home then this can be arranged.


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