Council Tax Discounts


The full council tax bill assumes that there are two or more adults living in a property as their main residence. Council tax discounts can be granted where there are less than two occupants or where the occupants fall into certain special groups.

Second Home Discount

A property that has no occupants but is furnished is not entitled to any discount.

Where a council tax payer has two homes, one of which is a job-related dwelling as defined in the regulations, you may be entitled to a 50% discount on the second dwelling.

Sole and main residence

Where there is only one adult living in the property as their main residence a discount of 25 per cent applies.

Before this discount is given the council has to decide which property is considered to be a person's main residence.

Principles of sole and main residence:-

  • Residence implies a degree of permanence.
  • Temporary presence does not make a person resident there.
  • Temporary absence does not deprive a person of residence.
  • Deciding which property is a person's main residence is not always straight forward and there have been cases which have gone to High Court for a decision.

Discounts do not apply for temporary periods away from a property for holidays or short periods in hospital.

People who can be disregarded

If all but one of the occupants fall into one of the disregarded groups below then a 25 per cent discount will apply.

  • Full time students. Student certificate will be required.
  • Apprentices- the person must be employed for the purposes of learning a trade, business or profession and must be undertaking training leading to a qualification accredited by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA). They must also be employed at a salary or be in receipt of an allowance (or both) which does not exceed £195 per week (gross).
  • Patients in hospital (long term) or a person residing permanently in a care home.
  • A person who is severely mentally impaired.
  • 18/19 year olds who remain in education, or have left between 1st May and 31st October. Over 18 year olds who still have child benefit paid for them. Proof of child benefit in payment will be required.
  • Full time paid care workers on a low income.

People caring for someone with a disability who is not a partner or child under 18.

Whenever possible any reduction to which we believe you are entitled will be shown on your bill for the period stated. If your circumstances have changed or change in the future so that you are no longer entitled to the reduction shown on your bill, you are required by law to notify the council within 21 days. South Staffordshire District Council may impose a penalty of £70 if you fail to notify them of any changes.

If you require further assistance, please contact the Council Tax Department by email: or by telephone: 01902 696664

If you would like to register for self-service where you can access information on your Council Tax account please follow this link:- self service


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