Air Quality Monitoring

We own, monitor and manage an air quality station in Penkridge as part of our monitoring of the environment.

We also use a network of low cost diffusion tubes to monitor nitrogen dioxide around our air quality management areas.

Data from the monitoring station and diffusion tubes is included in our annual reports. They can be looked at on our Air Quality Page.

Why monitor air quality?

There are several reasons why it's so important to measure air quality:

  • to ensure that long-term goals and targets to reduce levels of air pollution are being met (ie national and EU air quality objectives)
  • to provide information to the general public on how good or bad the air quality is in their locality
  • to be considered alongside planning applications for new roads, out-of-town shopping centres, major housing developments etc.

Estimates can be made on the rates of emissions from sources such as cars and factories etc, but to verify these estimates and get up-to-the-minute information on air quality, it's essential to measure it.

Latest Air Quality Forecast

For a forecast on current air pollution you can look at the DEFRA website.

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