Dangerous Wild Animals

The Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 requires that in order to keep certain animals, you must first obtain a licence from the Local Authority. The species for which you need a licence are contained in the schedule to the Act.

Before a licence can be granted, the Local Authority will inspect the premises where the animal is to be kept along with a vet (nominated by the Local Authority) to ensure that the accommodation conditions, food, etc., are suitable and appropriate for the species and numbers being kept.

Licences are granted with General Licence Conditions. However, where appropriate, additional licence conditions may be attached to a licence by the Local Authority.


A New Dangerous Wild Animals licence currently costs £191.00.

Renewal of an existing licence costs £103.00.

In each case, the applicant is required to pay the costs of the veterinary inspection. A licence is valid for a one year period from the date of issue.

Application and Guidance

New Application

Renewal Application

General Licence Conditions

Guidance and advice is also available online from the RSPCA Exotic Pets website.


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