Information for Passengers

Private Hire Vehicles

Private hire vehicles are required to be booked in advance with a private hire operator and the fare should be agreed at the time of the booking. Failure to book in advance can lead to the driver and the vehicle being uninsured.

Hackney Carriages (taxis)

Unlike private hire vehicles, taxis (London style taxi cabs) can be hailed/flagged down in the street.

Each hackney carriage is fitted with a calibrated meter which can be seen in the cab of the vehicle. For journeys with a destination within the South Staffordshire area, the cost of the journey is calculated by the meter. A table of fares should be displayed inside each vehicle. For journeys with a destination outside the South Staffordshire Council district boundary, the driver can negotiate the fare with you before the journey commences, but still must set the meter.

It is a requirement for all hackney carriages to be wheelchair accessible. There should be no extra charge for carrying wheelchairs.

Are There Any Safeguards?

All drivers licensed by the local authority have been vetted, including the completion of a Disclosure and Barring Service (Criminal Record) check. All vehicles have undergone tests for road worthiness to comply with the current licensing conditions before a licence is issued. They are also checked throughout the year by the Licensing team.

Disability Discrimination Act

Unless they have an exemption, all hackney carriages and private hire vehicles must carry assistance dogs if requested. No extra charge should be made for this.

Personal Safety

There are some simple steps you can take to ensure your personal safety when using a taxi.

  • Always use a licensed hackney carriage or private hire vehicle.
  • Hackney Carriages licensed by South Staffordshire Council have a white and green plate on the rear of the vehicle showing the vehicle licence number. Only London style cabs or Euro style cabs can be licensed as a hackney carriage in South Staffordshire.
  • Private hire vehicles licensed by South Staffordshire Council have a white and blue plate on the rear of the vehicle showing the vehicle licence number.
  • Hackney Carriages can be hailed in the street and have an illuminated taxi sign on the roof.
  • Hackney Carriages must always set their meter.
  • Private hire vehicles cannot be hailed in the street. They must be pre-booked.
  • Always agree the fare when you book, this will stop any arguments later.
  • Cars cruising the streets looking for customers are illegal, uninsured and potentially very dangerous.

What To Do If You Have Complaint?

If you have cause for complaint about a South Staffordshire taxi licence holder, you should take note of the drivers name and/or badge number, vehicle plate number and/or vehicle registration number and contact the Licensing team.

Public Register

Details taxi licences issued by South Staffordshire Council can be viewed via our public register.

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