Once a premises licence or club premises certificate has been granted, an application can be made to vary the licence.

There are minor variations and full variations.

A minor variation application can be made where; if granted, there could not be any adverse effect on the licensing objectives. For instance where a reduction in hours is sought, or the removal of historic conditions that are no longer appropriate. The procedure for a minor variation is simpler and quicker and involves the council's licensing officer making an initial determination as to whether any of the objectives could be undermined. If he/she is of the view that they could be undermined then they must liaise with the responsible authority officers.

This may result in rejection of the application and a requirement to submit a major application.

The full variation application is very similar to that of a new application for a premises licence in that it can meet with representations therefore requiring a hearing to determine it or, there may be no representations at all resulting in an automatic grant after 28 days.

It is also possible to apply to vary the Designated Premises Supervisor at the premises with immediate effect. The police can however object within 14 days of application if they have concerns about the individual who it is proposed should be the supervisor. If they should object then the appointment or otherwise will be determined by a licensing sub-committee.


full variation of Premises Licence or Club Premises Certificate

minor variation of Premises Licence or Club Premises Certificate

Vary Designated Premises Supervisor

Transfer of Premises Licence

Applications can also be submitted on-line.


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