Polling stations

To understand where your local polling station is and the provisions taken to make them fully accessible for voters.

Polling stations are equipped to support voters with a disability, including voters with a learning disability.

At each station there are clear instructions on how to vote.  

All polling stations will have the following available: 

  • Tactile Voting Device (which attaches to a ballot paper to allow blind or partially sighted voters to mark their ballot paper with or without assistance)
  • Braille or Large Print Ballot Paper (as a reference for blind or partially sighted voters) 
  • Ballot Paper Magnifier (a hand held device which allows an elector to magnify any part of a regular-sized ballot paper) 
  • Translations (of instructions on how to vote into another language)

If you are a voter with a disability and you need support to complete a ballot paper on your own, you can take a friend or relative to the polling station to help you.

View or download easy read guides about voting and registering to vote on Mencap's website.

The presiding officer at the polling station can also help you fill in your ballot paper.

You can find your local polling station here.

Local Government Boundary Review

The Boundary Commission has published final recommendations for changes in South Staffordshire.

It says residents should be represented by 42 councillors. This is seven fewer than the current arrangements.

There will be 20 wards, five fewer than there are now.

Councillors will represent six three-councillor wards, 10 two-councillor wards and four one-councillor wards.

Only three wards will stay the same: Essington, Himley & Swindon and Huntington & Hatherton.

Publishing the recommendations Professor Colin Mellors, chairman of the Commission, said: “We are very grateful to people in South Staffordshire. We looked at all the views they gave us. They helped us improve our earlier proposals.

“We believe the new arrangements will guarantee electoral fairness while maintaining local ties."

A total of 81 people and organisations made comments to help decide the new wards. Changes in response to what local people said include changing the name of the proposed Blymhill & Brewood ward to Brewood, Coven & Blymhill.

Parliament has now agreed to the changes. The new arrangements will apply for the 2023 council elections

click here to view a summary of the recommendation or here for full report


About electoral reviews:

A review takes around a year to complete and has three main parts:

The Commission will consider what the total number of Councillors that should be elected to the authority in future should be, to ensure effective Local Government.

Once the Commission has taken a view on Councillor numbers, they will re-draw ward boundaries to accommodate those Councillors according to three statutory criteria, namely: that the new wards deliver electoral equality for voters, that they reflect community interests, and that they promote effective Local Government.

Once the Commission has published final recommendations for each authority, they will lay a draft order - specific to each council - in Parliament. Subject to the parliamentary scrutiny process, they will then make each order and new boundaries would come into effect at the next local election in 2023.

The reviews will focus only on the internal electoral arrangements of each Council. The Commission will not look at the external boundaries of any authority.

Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places

Notice of Consultation

South Staffordshire District Council is conducting a review of Polling Districts and Polling Places. The review will take place between October 2022 and January 2023. The timing of the review is to enable any changes to be implemented before the next scheduled District and Parish elections on Thursday 4 May 2023.

Click here to view a copy of the notice


The Consultation period between 31 October and 27 November has now closed.

The Returning Officers proposals for the future polling arrangements can be accessed by clicking the below.

Click here to view the polling stations and districts proposals. Click here to view the polling stations and districts proposals summary changes.

Proposed Station and district maps of Perton, Penkridge and Great Wyrley can be accessed by clicking on each place name.

To access current Polling districts and stations click here.

Click here to view parishes with boundary changes

The review allows for feedback on any aspect of any of the polling districts and/or polling places currently used or suggestions for alternative polling places. Any elector in South Staffordshire can make a representation. Once the consultation ends the Returning Officer will prepare proposals for the future polling arrangements and these will be published on 12 December 2022.

Representations received during the consultation stage will published as part of the review.

A report outlining the proposals and consultee responses will then be debated at a meeting of the Standards and Resources Committee on the 26 January 2023. The final changes will take effect for all elections held thereafter.

Polling districts and polling places are kept under regular review.

For more information contact the Elections office on 01902 696000 or email elections@sstaffs.gov.uk

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