Listed Buildings

Nationally Listed Buildings

Buildings and structures of special architectural or historic interest are listed nationally by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport. Within South Staffordshire there are a total of 659 listings covering 862 individual buildings. Whilst buildings are graded according to their importance the legal protection afforded is the same and applies to the whole building including the interior in every grade.

How to Find out if a Building is Listed

There are two online sources of information upon which buildings are listed – these are:

The Planning service holds a copy of the Register of Buildings and Structures of special Architectural and Historic Interest and plotting sheets which may be consulted on request. Anyone considering purchasing a property, or who has recently acquired one, can also check whether or not it is listed as this should be entered in the local Land Charges Register.

The Council will determine whether a structure is of special local interest by reference to criteria for local interest.

Listed Building Consent

When a building is listed, protection is afforded to all of the building, exterior and interior together with anything attached to the exterior and also any outbuildings, walls or other structures within the curtilage and built before 1 July 1948. Alterations and additions carried out after the date of listing are also included.

Consent is therefore required from the council for any changes which would affect the character either externally or internally of the building. It is a criminal offence to undertake any such changes without first gaining permission. Routine maintenance and repairs carried out on a like for like basis will not normally require Listed Building Consent however it is worth noting the replacement of single glazed windows with double glazed always requires consent and is often unacceptable.

Please check with the Planning Department well in advance of starting any work for advice. There is no fee for Listed Building Consent; however depending on the proposed nature of any works Planning Permission and possibly Building Regulations may also be required, both of which do carry a charge.

Certificates of Lawfulness

If you would like to receive confirmation that proposed works do not require Listed Building consent you can apply for a Certificate of Lawfulness. Submitting an Application for planning permission or listed building consent can be submitted online via the national Planning Portal; or the relevant national standard 1APP forms can be download.


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