Locally Listed Buildings

Unlike nationally listed buildings, locally listed buildings do not benefit from extra protection under the law. However, we do look particularly carefully at any proposals involving their alteration and/or demolition.


We will consider adding a building to the local list if it has one or more of the following qualities.

Age and rarity

These are buildings that were built:

  • to a unique design by a local or locally important architect;
  • before 1840 and survive in anything like their original condition;
  • between 1840 and 1919 (that is, Victorian or Edwardian) and which -
    • retain many of their original features; and
    • are of sufficient quality to distinguish them from other buildings of the same period in the District;
  • between 1919 and 1939 and:
    • are a good example of the style of the period, or
    • are an example of a particular building type that became more popular in the period;
  • between 1939 and 1945 and are rare surviving examples of a wartime structure; or
  • between 1946 and 1977 and are buildings of exceptional quality and design.


These are buildings that:

  • are associated with an important historic figure, locally or nationally;
  • are good examples of ‘town planning'; or
  • illustrate some aspect of local history, be it:
    • social;
    • economic;
    • industrial; or
    • cultural.


These are buildings that are:

  • the work of an architect of national importance;
  • the work of an architect important to the District;
  • examples of a style of building unique to the local area;
  • part of a group that is a good surviving example of a historic architectural style;
  • examples of technological innovation in a building type or technique,

as well as architecturally significant street furniture.


Grade LLA

These are buildings and structures we consider to be of such interest that they should be on the national list. If there is a threat to a Grade LLA building or structure, we will consider:

  • making an application to Historic England for Spot Listing;
  • serving a Building Preservation Notice (BPN) to secure its preservation, and/or
  • making an Article 4 direction to control alterations to the building.

Grade LLB

These buildings or structures have a particular local significance. They will be largely unaltered examples of their style and era that make a contribution to South Staffordshire's rural or village character.

As a general rule, Grade LLB buildings and structures are unsuitable for demolition, and we will pay close attention to any proposals for their alteration. We may also consider making an Article 4 direction to control alterations to these buildings.

Grade LLC

These are buildings or structures that have a certain interest, but which may be suitable for alteration or demolition, where necessary. In such cases, we will generally require that an accurate record be taken of the building or structure before work begins.


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