Post Submission Examination Documents (Part 2)

Printable PDF - Post Submission Document List (Part 2)

PS.A. Documents submitted by Programme Officer and Inspector

PS.A.001 Letter sent to Publication Plan representors 20.09.2017
PS.A.002 Inspectors Initial Questions to Council 19.09.2017
PS.A.003 Guidance Note And Schedule Of Matters, Issues & Questions 09.10.2017
PS.A.004 Letter sent to representors regarding MIQs 10.10.2017

PS.B. Documents submitted by South Staffordshire Council

PS.B.001 Council response to Inspector's Initial Questions (PS.A.002) 28.09.2017
PS.B.001(1) Appendix to PS.B.001 RE para 4.7 28.09.2017
PS.B.002 SoCG - Historic England 22.09.2017
PS.B.003 SoCG - Bloor Homes Ltd and SSDC - Site 054 24.09.2017
PS.B.004 SoCG - Firstplan on behalf of Berrywood Estates and SSDC - Site 168 24.09.2017
PS.B.005 SoCG - Staffs County Council and SSDC - Site 228 24.09.2017
PS.B.006 SoCG - Turley on behalf of Land Fund and SSDC - Site 239 24.09.2017
PS.B.007 SoCG - Pegasus on behalf of Richborough Estates and SSDC - Site 270 24.09.2017
PS.B.008 SoCG - GVA on behalf of Trebor Developments LLP and SSDC - Site 274 24.09.2017
PS.B.009 SoCG - Bloor Homes Ltd and SSDC - Site 283 24.09.2017
PS.B.010 SoCG - Pegasus on behalf of Richborough Estates and SSDC - Site 302 24.09.2017
PS.B.011 SoCG - Marsh Associates and SSDC - Site 313 24.09.2017
PS.B.012 SoCG - Beech Cole Architects on behalf of the land owner and SSDC site 379 24.09.2017
PS.B.013 SoCG - PlanIT on behalf of landowners and SSDC - Site 406 24.09.2017
PS.B.014 SoCG - Bloor Homes Ltd and SSDC - Site 443 24.09.2017
PS.B.015 SoCG - Touch Coven Ltd and SSDC - Site 086 24.09.2017
PS.B.016 SoCG - Advance Land Planning on behalf of Messer's Brown and Stephen and SSDC - Site 119 24.09.2017
PS.B.017 SoCG - AJM Planning on behalf of KGL (Holdings) - Site 136 24.09.2017
PS.B.018 SoCG - Advance Land Planning on behalf of Seabridge Developments and SSDC - Site 139 24.09.2017
PS.B.019 SoCG - SCC and SSDC - Site 141 24.09.2017
PS.B.020 Council reply to letter from Gavin Williamson MP on behalf of Mr and Mrs Clarkson (Similar to PS.C.002) 18.12.2017

PS.C. Documents submitted by other parties

PS.C.001 Email from RPS on behalf of St Modwen - Withdrawal of Rep submitted Feb 2017 31.10.2017
PS.C.002 Letter from Gavin Williamson MP on behalf of Mr and Mrs Clarkson to The Planning Inspectorate (22nd November 2017) 18.12.2017
PS.C.003 Historic England objection to proposed housing allocation site 274 11.01.2018
PS.C.004 GVA on behalf Trebor - Summary Statement of Significance Kinver Camp Hillfort 25.01.2018

PS.D. Documents submitted for Hearing Sessions

Full list of responses received for Matters, Issues and Questions.
(To view the responses, please click the reference numbers below)

PS.D.1.001-035 Council responses to MIQ's 03.11.2017
PS.D.2.001-005 Statutory Bodies responses to MIQ's 03.11.2017
PS.D.3.001-022 Agent/Developer responses to MIQ's 03.11.2017
PS.D.4.001-005 Individual/Resident responces to MIQ's 03.11.2017

PS.E. Documents submitted during Hearing Sessions

PS.E.1.001 Inspector's Homework list for SSDC (updated throughout hearing sessions)
PS.E.1.002 Homework no.2 - Terms of Reference of Strategic Housing Growth Study for GBHMA 01.12.2017
PS.E.1.003 Homework no.3 - Black Country EDNA 28.11.2017
PS.E.1.004 Homework no.4 - Council/Cabinet decision of 25th July 2015 to undertake joint working with Black Country/GBHMA 28.11.2017
Homework no.4 - App 1 Draft MOU with ABCA 28.11.2017
PS.E.1.005 Homework no.5 - Emails to/from neighbouring authorities about DtC 29.11.2017
PS.E.1.006 Homework no.6 - References to South Staffordshire Economy and Strategic Employment Sites in Stoke on Trent and Staffordshire LEP 29.11.2017
PS.E.1.007 Homework no.10 - Summary table showing for each settlement (and total) Core Strategy housing requirement; completions/commitments to 31/3/17; residual amount; proposed allocations; total and degree of flexibility % 01.12.2017
PS.E.1.008 Homework no.1 - Check references and approach to considering cumulative impact of SAD proposals at Featherstone in Sustainability Appraisal 04.12.2017
PS.E.1.008(1) Inspector's Note - SUSTAINABILITY APPRAISAL 05.12.17 05.12.2017
PS.E.1.008(2) Technical note - Sustainability Appraisal of the Cumulative Effects of Proposals at Featherstone (Council response to PS.E.1.008.1) 08.12.2017
PS.E.1.009 Homework no.7 - SAD1 revision 08.12.2017
PS.E.1.010(1) Homework no.9 - Green Belt Study Application Inspector (Council Response) 08.12.2017
PS.E.1.010(2) Homework no.9 - GB Review Clarification Note on Methodology (LUC Response) 08.12.2017
Homework no.9 LUC Appendix A 18.12.2017
PS.E.1.011 Homework no. 8 - 5 Year Housing Land Supply with SAD Allocations 11.12.2017
PS.E.2.001 1988 Appeal at Brinsford Lodge - Document submitted by RPS 05.12.2017
PS.E.2.002 Brookhouse Lane Appeal Decision - Document submitted by RPS 05.12.2017
PS.E.3.001 GTAA - 2017 30.11.2017

PS.F. Documents submitted after Hearing Sessions

PS.F.001 JLL on behalf of Nurton Developments Ltd response to Homework no.7 21.12.2017
PS.F.002 Lichfields on behalf of the Bradshaw Estate and Peter Smith Farms Ltd response to Homework no.7 & no.9 21.12.2017
PS.F.003 Sport England 21.12.2017
PS.F.004 Godfrey Payton on behalf of the LWVS response to Homework no. 9 21.12.2017
PS.F.005 Turely on behalf of David Wilson Homes response to Homework no. 1 & no. 9 21.12.2017
PS.F.006 Turley on behalf of Land Fund Ltd Homework no.7 & no.9 21.12.2017
PS.F.007.1 GVA on behalf of Trebor Developments LLP response to Homework No.7 21.12.2017
PS.F.007.2 GVA on behalf of Trebor Developments LLP response to Homework No.8 21.12.2017
PS.F.007.3 GVA on behalf of Trebor Developments LLP response to Homework No.9 21.12.2017
PS.F.007.4 GVA on behalf of Trebor Developments LLP response to Homework No.10 21.12.2017
PS.F.008 Lever, Turner & Cowdell Ltd on behalf of Mary Herman-Smith & Suzie Malyon response to Homework no.9 21.12.2017
PS.F.009 Kinver GB Action Group response to Homework no.9 21.12.2017
PS.F.010 Council's Response to Homework Responses 25.01.2018
PS.F.011 AOC Kinver Camp Response 25.01.2018
PS.F.012.1 Greater Birmingham HMA Strategic Growth Study 2018 26.02.2018
PS.F.012.2 Greater Birmingham HMA Strategic Growth Study 2018 - Appendices 26.02.2018
PS.F.012.3 Greater Birmingham and Black Country Housing Market Area Strategic Locations Study (2018). - Position Statement 26.02.2018

PS.G. Documents relating to Main Modifications

PS.G.001 Schedule of Main Modifications to Publication Plan SAD Feb 2018
PS.G.002 Schedule of SAD Minor Modifications Feb 2018
PS.G.003 Addendum Sustainability Appraisal Feb 2018
PS.G.004 SAD Publication Plan with Modifications Feb 2018
PS.G.005 Modifications Guidance Notes Feb 2018
PS.G.006 Consultation Response Form Feb 2018
PS.G.007 Schedule of Council Responses to Modifications' Representations April 2018
PS.G.008 Representations to Modifications Consultation (opens in new page) April 2018

Data Protection

The Strategic Planning Team manages and maintains a register of persons who have an interest in local planning documents (Local Plan Database); those who wish to register land for future development on our Self and Custom Build Register and/or Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA); and regarding Empty Properties. In order to do this in an effective way we will need to collect and use personal information about you. For more information about how we process this data see Strategic Planning Team - Data Protection.

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