Rural England Prosperity Fund

We can offer capital funding to help small business growth, community projects and farm diversification. Find out more and how to apply from this page.

South Staffordshire Council has received a funding allocation of £489,384 specifically for rural areas.

This is an additional funding allocation to the UK Shared Prosperity Fund. 

The funding offers capital funding towards community projects, small business growth or farm diversification (the possibility of offering a different product or service to the usual activity).

The guidance below outlines the criteria for this funding, please carefully read each section before submitting an expression of interest.

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Who is this funding for?

Funding is for new*, small** registered*** organisations and businesses with a postcode or a project site in a South Staffordshire rural area (under the government criteria not all postcodes are eligible, please see the How to Check a Postcode section or please email if unsure)

* new or newly formed organisations and businesses can apply but must be registered*** before any funding may be agreed.

** small means a business/organisation/group with less than 50 employees, turnover of no more than £10.2m and a balance sheet showing less than £5.1m.

*** registered means an organisation (e.g. not for profit) or business (e.g. LTD co.) that is registered with the charities commission and/or companies house or in the case of a sole trader or partnership, will be registered with HMRC and have unique tax reference/s (UTR). These registration numbers will be requested when an initial expression of interest (EoI) is completed. Evidence of registration may also be requested before any funding can be agreed. Public organisations may also apply (e.g. parish councils, higher and further education).

How to check a postcode

Use Magic Map Application ( to check postcode eligibility for the fund.

1) Under ‘Table of Contents’ select ‘Administrative Geographies’ then ‘Other Administrative Boundaries’ then select ‘Rural England Prosperity Fund’ (REPF).

2) Search for a location by entering the postcode within the search bar (top left of page) and selecting it from the drop down or manually zoom in on a location.

3) From the toolbar of icons above the map select the (i) ‘Identify’ icon and click on the exact location of your project. A pop-up box will appear showing the site check results as A RURAL AREA for the purposes of REPF or NOT A RURAL AREA for the purposes of REPF.

For assistance, please email,uk

What can this funding be used for?

The following examples give an idea of what type of projects this capital funding could be suitable for and the expected outputs and outcomes*.

Small business growth - efficient production equipment with job creation

Community run centre - the addition of energy saving heating and lighting, accessible equipment and facilities for inclusive use by all age groups and abilities

Farming - changing from just milk production into cheese and  ice cream, an ecological shed conversion for processing plant use, saving and creating jobs

Rural bed and breakfast business expansion - accessible lodges, shepherd huts, hot tubs, games barn, securing current and future family employment

*See the spreadsheets for all the REPFoutputs+outcomes.xlsx and definitions.xlsx

Please email if you have any questions about your project type.

How much funding can be applied for?

How much can be applied for depends on the organisation or business account funds available towards the project and the total cost of the equipment or building works.

Community/voluntary organisations may apply for a value of £2,000 up to £70,000 or 70% of the total project cost, whichever is lower. Depending on the project, the level of investment and the outputs/outcomes, applicants may be eligible for a higher rate.

Businesses may apply for a value of £5,000 up to £70,000 or 60% of the total project cost, whichever is lower.

Be aware that funding will not automatically be offered. Only if the council thinks an expression of interest (EoI) project idea fits with the government intervention/s and the district’s needs, shall the offer to complete a full project proposal be requested.

Proposals will then be evaluated by a panel made up from representatives from the council, the voluntary, the farming and business sectors. Project ideas that deliver the greatest economic, environmental and social benefits will score highest.

Support will be available to anyone who needs help with the next stage of the process.

Projects must be completed by December 31st, 2024, in order to claim and report on outputs and outcomes by March 2025. Incomplete projects cannot be funded.

Expression of interest form

Before completing an expression of interest form, please read the full eligibility criteria including 'what can this funding be used for?'.

Projects that have or will receive funding from any of the following sources cannot apply:

Farming in Protected Landscapes Programme,  Farming Investment Fund,  Platinum Jubilee Village Hall Improvement Grant Fund

Any projects or costs where there is a statutory duty to provide them (work that has to be done by law) cannot be applied for. Please also consider what funding your organisation or business has received in the last three financial years, including any expression of interest funding request amount. If the total value is over £315,000 please contact us at with details to check subsidy control guidance (do not include any farm subsidies in your calculations)

To apply, please follow the link at the top of the page to complete an expression of interest form. Please use REPFoutputs+outcomes.xlsx and definitionsto tell us which government priority intervention/s you think your project fits and what the expected outputs and outcomes are. Please email any questions to 

We aim to respond to all expressions of interest in seven working days.

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