The following is a list of contracts that are available for tender, or are coming up for tender:

Water Testing at Council Buildings

South Staffordshire Connect Invitation to Quote

South Staffordshire Council Holiday programme 2018

Building Works

Electrical Works

Expressions of Interest - Fleet Vehicle Maintenace

Cleaning Supplies Tender

Apprentice Training Tender. Information for prospective bidders

Please note that, if the closing date for expressions of interest has passed, then no more applications can be considered.

Should your company decide to respond to an advertisement and express an interest in bidding for Council work, here are some brief tips which you should bear in mind.


We usually run two types of tenders - open and restricted.

Under an open tender procedure all suppliers who respond to an advertisement are supplied with tender documentation which they can return as appropriate. This approach is usually followed when purchasing standard items such as goods.

The restricted procedure can best be described as a two stage approach in which the Council invites interested suppliers to undergo a pre-qualification assessment before inviting them to tender. The restricted route is normally used for non-standard or large service requirements where it would not be economic for all parties concerned, if too large a tender field was invited to bid for the work e.g. consultancy contracts.


Whichever procedure we follow, you should nevertheless read the advertisement carefully and submit or request the information required by the dates stipulated by us.

We normally require all suppliers to complete a questionnaire detailing information about their financial/economic standing and their technical capability. This usually covers information about when your company was formed, what experience you have in providing the goods/services/works being tendered for, details of where the Council may obtain references on your company, and details of your company's finances. As part of our environmental commitment we also require you to comply with our sustainability guidelines and complete a short questionnaire (see under Environmental Polices below).

To ensure your bid is considered, you must:

  • provide all the information requested
  • make sure that you answer all questions accurately
  • return the information by the closing date specified

Sometimes the information the Council receives from suppliers is unclear or in need of further clarification. Once again you should provide any additional information sought by the closing date set.

The tender documents we send out to suppliers contain details of our requirements. The documents, particularly the specification, should be read carefully and all information completed fully and accurately. If you do not understand any part of the specification you should ring the Council Officer named in the tender documentation and request further information. This must be done before the tender period closes.

Equal Opportunities

We are an equal opportunities employer and is committed to promoting equality of opportunity for all people irrespective of sex, age, race or disability. We are keen to ensure that its suppliers abide by the law and are working to best practice in this area. All suppliers, as part of the tender process, will thus be required to provide evidence that they have equal opportunities policies in place and are committed to them.

Environmental Policies

We are committed to using the resources entrusted to it to ensure best value for money at the least possible cost to the environment.

As part of our commitment we require potential suppliers and contractors to comply with our sustainable procurement guidelines. As a measure of this we expect applicants to complete the appropriate questionnaire, see Selling to the Council.

Our own commitment is such that we use an Environmental Management System (EMS) to measure and manage our own impacts.

Health and Safety

We are committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of its employees and that of all others affected by its undertakings. Contracts to supply goods or services will only be awarded to contractors who can satisfy the Council requirements in terms of resources required and their health and safety competence.

Successful contractors/suppliers are expected to demonstrate compliance with current health and safety legislation including:

  • a commitment to the health and safety of its employees, clients and others
  • up to date health and safety policies and procedures
  • adequate risk assessment procedures
  • an adequate system of monitoring and reporting accidents, incidents and ill-health
  • access to competent health and safety advice
  • contracts are monitored to ensure compliance with contract standards and health and safety requirements.



Email: procurement@sstaffs.gov.uk


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