Book Online Guidance Sheet

Book online

  • Book online is available to members only ·
  • The book online facility currently allows members to book gym sessions and exercise classes only ·
  • Sessions can be booked up to 2 weeks in advance ·
  • Online bookings are currently restricted to a maximum of 10 online bookings per session.

This is to ensure that members who may not have the facility to book online still have the opportunity to make their bookings. The 10 person restriction will be reviewed in the coming months.

Getting Started

Go to your chosen leisure centre webpage, to the timetable section of the page Click onto your chosen day and filter using the down arrow to select Gym or Exercise Classes

book online 1

Go to your chosen activity and click onto the small plus button. From here the activity will expand to show another button for Book Now. Click onto ‘Book Now'

book online - guidance 2

This will direct you to a new page which gives you 2 options: ·

  • Activities (Select this if you want to book a gym session) ·
  • Classes (select this if you want to book an exercise class)

From here, the box will expand to show a series of options. You will need to select the site (your chosen leisure centre), your activity, the date you want to book and a time range for the class. Then click on search

book online - 3

Once you have clicked onto ‘Search', a box will appear asking you to register or log in.

To register

Click on register

book online 4

At this point, it will ask you to create a new account. You will need to enter your details here.

(In order to set your account up, your email address, DOB and membership number must be correct and match our records on the leisure centres computer systems. If details do not match you will not be able to set your account up and will need to contact the leisure centre to provide correct details).

You need to create a ‘user name', and then complete the remaining personal details. (Please ensure your user name is 6 characters long. If your username is not adequate, it will flag up a message to let you know).

book online 5

When you have registered successfully, you will receive a message confirming this and be asked to go to your email to follow an activation link.

book online 6

On going to the activation link in your emails, you will be asked your security question and then asked to create a password.

book online 7

Once you have completed all fields, click on ‘Activation'. You should then receive a message confirming the activation has been successful.

From here edit your search, choosing your centre, Activities or Classes, date, times and ‘search'

book online 8

By clicking search it will list activities on offer for your chosen day and timescale

book online 9

Click onto the basket of your chosen class to add to your basket.

If you click onto any classes and the sessions are already fully booked, or the 10 online bookings have been allocated, it will display ‘unavailable'. In these instances we would advise you call the centre to check availability as if the 10 online spaces have been allocated, there may still be places available for people walking in or calling the centre.

book online 10

When you have added your chosen activity or class to your basket, a new box will appear confirming the date, time and session.

book online 11

At this point, if you change your mind, you can click on the basket again, and it will give you the option to delete from your basket. If you want to go ahead with the booking, tick the box to confirm you accept the terms and conditions

book online 12

Click ‘Check Out' at the bottom of the box to continue with your booking. This will then show a new screen

book online 13

It is vital that you finally click on ‘Make Bookings' at the very bottom of the box, otherwise your booking will not be made. Once your booking is complete, you will receive an ‘Order Confirmation' and a digital receipt along with a payment reference.

book online 14

How to cancel a booking

If you need to cancel a booking made, you firstly need to log into your account Once you have logged in, you need to go to the ‘Account History' tab at the very top of the screen

book online 15

When you click onto ‘Account History', a box will appear which you can filter to show activities, or gym, or ALL. It will then list your bookings. Find the class or activity you wish to cancel and click on the cross at the side of the activity.

book online 16

By clicking onto the cross, this will delete your booking immediately.

For further assistance please contact your local South Staffordshire Council Leisure Centre.