Running an event safely in South Staffordshire

This could be a music event, a summer fete, a bonfire or fireworks event, food show, a car show etc. – any event where you are inviting members of the public to attend and enjoy your event.

  • You will need to send us a completed Event Management Plan (with location map, site plans and related documents) ideally at least 3 months before the date of the event to
  • See below for the Event Management Plan
  • Each event will be different and certain things may only apply to your event and you will need to take that into account.  For example - if it’s a music event, or if you decide to have a fair at your event, or you may have fireworks or lasers, or inflatables, or water activities etc. etc. 

Does it need a licence?

You will need a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) if you are:

  • looking to hold an event involving the retail sale of alcohol or provision of regulated entertainment 
  • providing hot food or drink between 23:00pm and 05:00am  

For further information:

Have you thought about health and Safety?

As the organiser of the event YOU are overall responsible for the health and safety of staff, participants, and members of the public for all activities that take place at your event.  

What Risk assessments do I need? 

You will need to consider the event and undertake relevant risk assessments. We may ask to see copies of the documents.  

All participants, contractors and groups will need to provide a comprehensive risk assessment of their relevant areas and how they fit into your event. You must consider: 

  • your audience 
  • the location 
  • all equipment and 
  • each activity that you will be running. 

Where can I find further guidance? 

The HSE Website has a lot of information to assist with managing event safety including Events health and safety ( 

Have you thought about food and drink, and what you need to do?

Who will be providing the catering, drinks, hospitality and retail sales of food and drink at your event?  You will be responsible for any food business coming to your event. Make sure they comply with the current food laws and guidance, that staff are trained and suitably qualified and the business registered and inspected holding a good food hygiene rating. You will need to provide the following:


Name of the food business 



Address & post code where is it based 

Registered address if a limited company  


Name of the business owner(s) 



Which local authority it is registered with 



What type of food & drink is produced / sold? 



Is it a mobile vehicle or temporary structure such as a gazebo? 



What was the Food Hygiene Rating at the last inspection 

Only businesses with a rating of 4 or 5 should be taken on 

Have you thought about fire safety?

It doesn’t matter how large or small your event is, you will need to do a fire risk assessment and include this with the Event Management Plan.



For any event you will need to plan and manage the event to make sure it is safe and a success. To help you manage this you will need to complete an Event Management Plan or EMP and include location maps and site plans detailing what you are doing.   

For larger or complex events, the information required will be more than for smaller events. 


It is your responsibility to produce and provide the information requested.  


This is a working document which details all aspects of your event and is a vital part of planning your event. It covers many points, including: 

  • what the event is, when and how long it will be, who is organising the event,  
  • who are the key people in the organisation and their contact details,  
  • what the security and marshalling details,  
  • what are car parking provisions, public transport and vehicle movement on site,   
  • what are the fire safety precautions and risk assessments, 
  • what health and safety arrangements and risk assessments are there,  
  • what is the catering, food and drink provisions in place – including details of the caterers and retailers,  
  • how is noise and environmental matters being managed,  
  • what are the sanitary facilities in place, 
  • what are the waste provisions in place, water supplies etc, 
  • what are the medical and first aid provisions,  
  • what are the lost children’s arrangements, 
  • what are the arrangements for emergency services, 
  • consideration and arrangements for communication, training, instruction of staff, 
  • how are other threats or concerns being addressed, 
  • who else have you contacted or consulted with

What happens next? 

The information you send through will be shared with certain responsible authorities namely the Police, Fire Service, South Staffordshire Council (including Licensing, Environmental Protection) and potentially colleagues in Staffordshire County Council.   

They will comment on any of the issues, as relevant, in order for you to make any necessary improvements for the event.  

Where the event may be large, complex, several days of duration, or unusual, and likely to have a higher impact on the surroundings, a Safety Advisory Group may be set up and you will be invited to attend. Attendance is vital as non-attendance may have an impact on whether your event goes ahead or not.  

Other things to consider - Inflatables at your event

You need to make sure whoever provides and operates the inflatables has considered the safety of the equipment, it’s staff and users.  

  • how it will be operated and staff 
  • public liability insurance 
  • up to date PIPA or equivalent safety certificate for each equipment 
  • site specific risk assessment, equipment to be used 
  • safe method of use and adverse conditions

What do I do if we need road closures?

If you are looking at a community event and need to have a temporary road closure visit Road Closures for Small Community Events


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