Application numbers

Applications submitted after 1998

We number more recent applications using the following format.


For example, here is an application submitted in 2004:


You will find the number in this format wherever it is mentioned.

Applications submitted between 1974 and 1998

Applications before 98/00987/FUL follow the same format, but they do not have a suffix (the three letters at the end). For example:


You may find that the two parts are reversed on a Land Charges search or an older document. If so, you must convert the number to find the file on Public Access or the Planning Document Viewer. For example:

366/92 = 92/00366

Applications submitted before 1974

Before 1974, two different councils were responsible for what is now South Staffordshire: Seisdon and Cannock Rural District Councils (RDC).

Seisdon RDC (SRDC) covered everywhere south of the border between Brewood & Coven, Codsall and Bilbrook parishes. Cannock RDC (CRDC) covered everywhere north of that border.

Each of the two councils numbered their planning applications differently. For the Planning Document Viewer, we have converted them to the following format.


For example:


If you have an application number in a different format, you must convert it. For example:

Site is in Kinver parish (south of the border)
Application number 5994

= SRDC/05994


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