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You can now pay online for your garden waste collection for the third scheme year which commences 4th July 2022. If you do not pay for the next scheme your collections will stop after 3rd July 2022.

**New for 2022/23**

We will no longer be sending stickers in the post, our waste collection crews will sticker your bins from July onwards, our waste collection crews will know that you have signed up and will continue to empty your bin without a sticker. On occasions where we are unable to place the sticker on the bin, such as poor weather conditions or the bin has not been presented for collection, the permit sticker will be placed at the next available opportunity. . Please note, if you have subscribed to the garden waste service your bin will continue to be collected even if a sticker has not yet been placed on your bin. If you have purchased a permit within the last 7 days please present your bin on your collection day as normal and your sticker will be added to your bin as soon as we are able.

Tell me more about the service...

Since we launched our garden waste collection subscription service in May 2020, over 65% of households in the district have signed up. The service costs just £1.82 per collection and the window is now open for residents to subscribe to the next scheme year which commences on 4th July 2022.

When does my garden waste subscription expire?

All garden waste subscriptions end on 3rd July 2022. If you do not pay for a subscription for the next scheme year your service will stop on this date.

I would like to receive this service after 3rd July 2022

You can sign up online now or by telephone (01902 696000) from 6th June 2022.

How much does it cost?

We've frozen the price at £43.60 per green bin for the period 4th July 2022 to 2nd July 2023. Payment by instalments is not possible and no concessions are available.

Can I sign up throughout the scheme year?

Yes, but the cost is the same irrespective of when during the year you subscribe. To get best value for money we advise residents to sign up by 17th June 2022 to guarantee no loss of service.

Can I have more than one green bin/subscription?

Yes, you can have as many green bins as you want. The cost is per bin.

What happens once I have subscribed?

Your bin will be stickered by our waste collection crews when collections start in July 2022, you will not receive a sticker in the post this year. Our crews may not sticker your bin if the weather does not allow for it. Please continue to present your bin as normal, the crews will know you have signed up for it to be emptied, and a sticker will be applied when possible to do so. We encourage you to number your bin if you have not already done so. Any additional green bins, if you have requested them, will be delivered within 14 days.

Does the Council have to collect my green bin by law?

No, this is a discretionary service and councils can choose to stop this service completely. We are aware however that this would take away a well-used service and while charging for garden waste collections may not be popular it does give households a choice and residents only need to pay if they wish to use it.

Can I share a bin with a neighbour?

Yes but we will only communicate with the property that signs up to the service.

Who is responsible for leaf fall from Council trees in my garden?

You are responsible for clearing any leaf fall within your garden, including that from Council trees. If you do not wish to sign up to the service, please see alternative disposal options below.

How else can I dispose of garden waste?

Garden waste can be taken to the HWRCs (the ‘tips') operated by Staffordshire County Council or composted at home. Garden waste should not be placed in your grey or blue wheeled bins as they will not be emptied.

When will my green bin be emptied?

Every two weeks, with the exception of a four-week suspension during Christmas/New Year. You can view your Waste and Recycling Calendar online.

What can I put in my green bin?

Please view your Recycling and Waste Collection booklet. If your green bin contains any of the items listed as 'No Thanks' it will not be emptied. You can also use our Recycling Finder to see what materials should be put in each bin.

I have packaging listed as compostable: can I put this in my green bin?

No, this material should be placed in your grey bin. The disposal site where garden waste is delivered to is strictly regulated and cannot accept potato starch and other compostable packaging that will not break down as part of the industrial composting process. The site provides a high quality compost output which could not be achieved if this packaging material is included.

Where do I leave my green bin to be emptied?

On your day of collection, place your wheeled bin at the edge of your property with the handles facing the road. This should be no later than 7.00 am, and the bin will be returned to the edge of your property after emptying. Please do not leave bins on the footpath or grass verge as this may cause an obstruction to pedestrians.

I don't want to subscribe to this service and would like you to remove my green bin

We will not be removing unwanted green bins at this time as they are relevant to the property and need to be present should there be a change of occupier who may wish to subscribe to the service. Also, it is important that green bins remain at properties should they need to be used as part of a future service change.

What happens on Bank Holidays - are collections still made?

Collections will be made on Bank Holidays throughout the year with the exception of a four-week suspension during Christmas/New Year.

If my bin lid does not fully close, will my bin still be emptied?

For operators safety when loading, we are unable to empty bins where the lid cannot be completely closed. Please do not leave garden waste at the side of the bin as it will not be collected.

What happens if my collection is not made on the appropriate date?

Contact Customer Services (01902 696000). We will endeavor to return by the end of the next working day.

I am having problems moving my wheeled bin. Is help available?

Yes, an assisted collection service can be provided free of charge if required. Please contact Customer Services on 01902 696000 to arrange this service.

My green bin has not been emptied

Before contacting Customer Services on 01902 696000, please check your Waste and Recycling Calendar online to make sure that you have put out your green bin on the correct day. Please note that crews sometimes need to leave your area to tip during the day or they may empty neighbouring properties at different times depending on their route. Please be aware that we will not return to empty your bin in the following circumstances:

You have not subscribed to the garden waste collection service for the relevant scheme year;

You are reporting a missed bin more than one working day after collection;

You have placed the wrong bin out for collection;

Crews have already visited your property and your bin was not presented (bins must be out from 07:00 when first collections start);

You have presented a non Council issued bin;

You have presented excess garden waste (e.g. bagged at the side of the bin); You have placed unacceptable waste in your green bin (e.g. anything other than grass, leaves, twigs, branches etc); and

Your bin is too heavy and either cannot be moved by the crews or cannot fix safely onto the lifting equipment on the vehicle.

My green wheeled bin has been damaged/stolen

A green wheeled bin will be replaced free of charge if it has been stolen or damaged. Please contact Customer Services on 01902 696000.

What happens to the garden waste once it is collected?

The garden waste is composted into environmentally friendly soil improver and used on local farms.

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