Garden Waste (Green Bin)

'Treecycle' your real Christmas tree in the New Year.

From July 2020 the Council will be introducing a charge for emptying your green garden waste bin. The service will continue as now until July 2020.

*Your 2019-2021 Recycling and Waste Collection booklet is now available to download.*

When will my green bin be emptied?

You can view your Waste and Recycling Calendar online.

What can I put in my green bin?

Please view your Recycling and Waste Collection booklet. If your green bin contains any of the items listed as 'No Thanks' it will not be emptied. You can also use our Recycling Finder to see what materials should be put in each bin.

I have packaging listed as compostable: can I put this in my green bin?

No, this material should be placed in your grey bin. The disposal site where garden waste is delivered to is strictly regulated and cannot accept potato starch and other compostable packaging that will not break down as part of the industrial composting process. The site provides a high quality compost output which could not be achieved if this packaging material is included.

Where do I leave my green bin to be emptied?

On your day of collection, place your wheeled bin at the edge of your property with the handles facing the road. This should be no later than 7.00 am, and the bin will be returned to the edge of your property after emptying. Please do not leave bins on the footpath or grass verge as this may cause an obstruction to pedestrians.

What happens on Bank Holidays - are collections still made?

With the exception of the Christmas and New Year period, collections will be made on Bank Holidays throughout the year. The garden waste service is suspended during part of the winter.

If my bin lid does not fully close, will my bin still be emptied?

For operators safety when loading, we are unable to empty bins where the lid cannot be completely closed. Please do not leave garden waste at the side of the bin as it will not be collected.

What happens if my collection is not made on the appropriate date?

Contact Customer Services (01902 696203). We will endeavour to return by the end of the next working day.

I am having problems moving my wheeled bin, Is help available?

Yes, an assisted collection service can be provided free of charge if required. Please contact Customer Services on 01902 696203 to arrange this service.

My green bin has not been emptied

Before contacting Customer Services on 01902 696203, please check your Waste and Recycling Calendar online to make sure that you have put out your green bin on the correct day. Please note that crews sometimes need to leave your area to tip during the day or they may empty neighbouring properties at different times depending on their route. Please be aware that we will not return to empty your bin in the following circumstances:

You are reporting a missed bin more than one working day after collection;

You have placed the wrong bin out for collection;

Crews have already visited your property and your bin was not presented (bins must be out from 07:00 when first collections start);

You have presented a non Council issued bin;

You have presented excess garden waste (e.g. bagged at the side of the bin);

You have placed unacceptable waste in your green bin (e.g. anything other than grass, leaves, twigs, branches etc); and

Your bin is too heavy and either cannot be moved by the crews or cannot fix safely onto the lifting equipment on the vehicle.

Can I have a larger/smaller green bin?

We only issue one standard sized green bin (240 litres).

My green wheeled bin has been damaged/stolen

A green wheeled bin will be replaced free of charge if it has been stolen or damaged. Please contact Customer Services on 01902 696203.

What happens to the garden waste once it is collected?

The garden waste is composted into environmentally friendly soil improver and used on local farms.

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