Green Bin FAQs

Changes to the garden waste collection service

In July 2020 the Council introduced a charge for emptying green garden waste bins.

Why has the Council introduced charges for collecting my green bin?

Due to ongoing central government cuts and reduced levels of funding received from Staffordshire County Council, who pay the Council to dispose of garden waste on their behalf. As a result, garden waste service costs rose 43% by between 2019 and 2020.

Do I have to pay for this service?

No, the change will ensure that those that want the service fund it in full. The service will operate on an opt-in basis and if you choose not to participate you will not need to pay.

Don't the Council have to collect my green bin by law?

No, this is a discretionary service and councils can choose to stop this service completely. We're aware however that this would take away a well-used service and while introducing a charge for garden waste collections may not be popular it does give households a choice and residents only need to pay if they wish to use it.

Are there any other changes to the service?

No. Your collection day and frequency of collection will remain unchanged.

How do I sign up for this service and when does it start?

You will need to sign up annually for a garden waste collection service. You will be able to sign up for the new collection year in May 2022.

How will crews know that I have subscribed?

Your bin will be stickered by our waste collection crews when collections start in July 2022, you will not receive a sticker in the post this year. Our crews may not sticker your bin if the weather does not allow for it. Please continue to present your bin as normal, the crews will know you have signed up for it to be emptied, and a sticker will be applied when possible to do so. We encourage you to number your bin if you have not already done so. Any additional green bins, if you have requested them, will be delivered within 14 days.

Is there a limit to the number of green bins that I can have?

There will be no limit to the number of green bins that we will empty from your property as long as there is a valid subscription in place for each bin.

Will I be able to share a bin with a neighbour?

Yes but we will only communicate with the property that signs up to the service.

I don't want to subscribe to this service and would like you to remove my green bin

We will not be removing unwanted green bins at this time as they are relevant to the property and need to be present should there be a change of occupier who may wish to subscribe to the service. Also, it is important that green bins remain at properties should they need to be used as part of a future service change.

How else can I dispose of garden waste?

Garden waste can be taken to the HRCs (the ‘tips') operated by Staffordshire County Council or composted at home.

Won't this service change lead to more fly-tipping?

There is no evidence to suggest that introducing a charge for garden waste collections increases fly-tipping and this is backed up by the experiences of other local authorities that have introduced a charge. We work hard to stop those responsible for fly-tipping and will not hesitate to prosecute anyone who fly-tips and take action through the courts if necessary.

How do I stay informed regarding any service change?

For the latest information you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter and sign up to receive waste and recycling specific e-Alerts. More information on the garden waste collection service will be provided in the forthcoming South Staffordshire Review newsletter.


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