Register of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests

Penkridge Parish Council

Please see below the Register of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests and Other Interests for Penkridge Parish Councillors:

Parish Councillor Address
Andrew J. Adams Chestnut House, 4 Denefield, Penkridge, ST19 5JF
Chloe G. Burns Perrinhorpe, Croft Lane, Gailey, ST19 5PY
Bevan Craddock 44 Haling Road, Penkridge, Staffordshire ST19 5DA
John L. Eastwood Horner, 7 St. Michael's Close, Penkridge, ST19 5AD
Isabel G.A. Ford Belford Lodge, 30 Haling Road, Penkridge, ST19 5BZ
Victor J. Kelly 12 Wulfric Close, Penkridge, ST19 5EW
Brian Heathcote 16 Micklewood Close, Penkridge ST19 5JE
Hilary A. Hughes 12 Croydon Drive, Penkridge ST19 5DW
Petula M.C. Hughes 10 Wolverhampton Road, Penkridge, ST19 5DP
Andrew C. Lenz 5 Manorfield Close, Penkridge ST19 5JP
Anthony Minshall Foxholes Cottage, Stafford Road, Penkridge, ST19 5AX
David J. Oldfield 1 Grange Cottages, Off Bungham Lane, Penkridge, ST19 5NH
Norman A. Smallwood 5 Bartlett Close, Penkridge, ST19 5JG
Calvert Stonehouse 6 Grange Avenue, Penkridge, ST19 5NW
Vivienne Smith 29 Marsh Lane, Penkridge, ST19 5BY


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