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Introducing our new paper and card recycling service, starting Spring 2022.

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*Service Disruption Alert*

As you will have no doubt seen in the news, there is currently a national shortage of HGV drivers resulting in disruption across various sectors, including Council waste services across the UK.

We have been feeling the impacts of this in South Staffordshire for several weeks. As staff numbers begin to dwindle below the minimum we need to deliver a ‘normal' service, this has resulted in unavoidable delays to a number of collection rounds across the District. To date, the vast majority of delayed rounds have been resolved within 48 hours of the normal collection date, although there are some pockets of the District that have unfortunately been subject to longer delays.

In order to maintain a service which is as close to normal as possible, our collection crews are working overtime every day, and a number of crews are also working Saturdays to catch up on collections not completed during the week.

Biffa, our waste collection service provider, have issued the following statement:
“Biffa would like to apologise to the residents of South Staffordshire for the disruption to the waste and recycling collection services. The national driver shortage has led to extreme problems for Biffa in many areas and we are working hard to address the current 30% shortfall.
Unfortunately, the disruption will continue for a while yet and we kindly ask that if your bin is not collected on its scheduled collection day you leave it at the collection point for up to 72 hours / 3 working days to allow us to collect before reporting it as a missed collection.
We thank all residents for their patience and understanding at this difficult time."

Residents who have not had their bin emptied can report it to us after 72 hours by calling Customer Services on 01902 696000.

We apologise for any disruption caused.

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