South Staffordshire Council joins the fight against summer food waste.

Released on 1 August 2017

Hubbub Article

Did you know that milk (51%), salad (44%), fruit (40%), yoghurt (36%) and bread (34%) top the list of food most likely to be thrown away as people head off on their travels?

Research reveals that in the first week of the summer break, £12 million worth of food will be thrown in the bin as UK families head off on holiday. And that's why this summer South Staffordshire Council has partnered with environmental charity Hubbub in an online social media campaign taking place throughout August to reduce food waste called #TravellersCheck.

The Council is sharing top tips from this nationwide campaign on social media and urging its residents to prevent food waste and save money through the freezing and sharing of food. In total, over £½ billion worth of perfectly edible food is binned each year in the UK as people head off on holiday.

“There are many ways you can help prevent waste and the one of the easiest ways is to freeze it," explains Councillor Mary Bond, Cabinet member for Community Services at South Staffordshire Council. “Many people throw food away because they think it can't be frozen with 58% not realising you can freeze milk, 62% ham and 63% hard cheese.

“You can also gift your food and share food that can't be frozen with your neighbours. Currently, only 13% of people say they have given food to neighbours before they go on holiday but a massive 81% of people revealed that they'd be happy to receive food from a neighbour. I'd like to urge our residents to join us on our quest with Hubbub to cut food waste and check your food before you travel."

Top tips to cut food waste:

·         In the run up to your holiday, check out Hubbub's dates guide so you can plan meals around what food you've got in the fridge. 

·         Don't forget to put anything that will go past its 'use by' date while you're away, into the freezer to eat when you get back.

·         Slice any bread you have leftover, put in a sealed bag and freeze. You can then toast straight from frozen when you get back home. 

·         Freeze the leftover cheddar too and then your first meal home can be cheese on toast - grated frozen cheese can be placed on top of frozen bread and grilled straight away. Tasty, cheap and easy!

·         You can even freeze milk. Pop it in the freezer - ideally in small pots so it's quicker to defrost - and defrost when you get back for that perfect cup of tea.

·         Always freeze your leftovers so you can have instant homemade ready meals whenever you need and especially your first day back from holiday.

·         Summer trips with the family can be expensive even when holidaying in the UK, so why not use up last night's leftovers for some travel-friendly lunches and snacks? 

·         If you have taken fresh foods on holiday with you, transfer everything from your cool box into the fridge as soon as you arrive. If you are camping or caravanning ask your site if they will put your freezer packs in their freezer for you.

·         If you can't use it or freeze it, share it with your neighbour.

·         Pack the things us Brits can't live without (we're thinking tea, marmalade, brown sauce). Whatever it is you love, make sure you store your favourite foods carefully so they stay at their best and don't end up going to waste. Happy holidays!

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