The Crooked House

The council understands and empathises with the concerns and interest, following the devastating fire and demolition at the former site of the Crooked House, Himley.

We are continuing to work with the police and other partners, including Health and Safety Executive (HSE), building control and Historic England, and our focus is on our own investigation regarding the planning and building control breaches with the aim of reaching a positive outcome.

This remains our priority, and it is very important that whilst the council is still investigating the incident and considering our legal options and next steps, we do not comment on any element of the ongoing investigation, so that we do not potentially prejudice our enforcement action. 

We would urge everyone to stay off the site, not to breach the fencing, nor remove any materials as it may hamper ongoing investigations being carried out by multiple agencies. 

What We Know

  • Officers visited the site on Monday, August 7 and advised the owner’s representative that 3 elements of the building could be taken down so that the remainder could be secured and made safe.  No permission was given for full demolition.
  • The land is in private ownership, so making it secure is the responsibility of the site owners.  Security fencing was erected on August 15, at the request of the council and HSE.
  • Officers attended the site on Monday, August 21 in response to works on site, and the contractors agreed to cease work until a schedule of proposed works had been prepared and agreed with the relevant authorities.
  • We now have agreement that the bricks will remain on site, and that the foundations and slabs will remain to assist our future investigation.  There will be ongoing activity to remove hazardous and general waste.
  • Storage containers will be delivered on August 24 to secure the bricks.  Due to access issues and rather than leave the bricks unsecured on site it was agreed that they could be located a short distance up the lane.
  • Officers visited the site on August 30, to evaluate the work being carried out by contractors as part of our ongoing commitment to secure the bricks on site. 
  • HSE are the body responsible for the safe management of the site works.

Additional Information

  • Historic England statement
  • There are public rights of way running through the site, and Staffordshire County Council has extended the emergency closure notice on them until September 21 for health and safety purposes.
  • We have put a blanket Tree Preservation Order on trees adjoining the site to ensure their protection. 
  • The Crooked House was not a listed building, but was a non-designated heritage asset, registered on the Historic Environment Record as a building of local importance.

We are liaising with multiple agencies, and with local MPs and the Mayor of the West Midlands.

As stated at the beginning of the investigation, this will be a long process and the council needs time to investigate properly and take appropriate action.  We will provide updates to this page when we are able to release information, however if you do need to contact the council please direct enquiries to  Please be aware that it may not be possible to provide an immediate response dependent on the volume of enquiries we receive.

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